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Badges for Professional Learning

Integrating technology into classroom instruction means more than teaching basic computer skills and software programs in a separate computer class. Effective tech integration happens across the curriculum in ways that research shows deepen and enhance the learning process of your students. The badges listed below reflect some of the best practices being used in our district to integrate the 4 C's: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration into the curriculum.

Recognition for Professional Growth

Badges are a fun way to acknowledge professional learning that is systematic, cohesive, and flexible. These tech integration badges were created to help teachers plan their professional growth, self-pace and differentiate their learning, and earn/display recognition for their efforts. And a little friendly competition brings in an element of fun! Fourteen badges were originally created for Project LEAN In Cohort 2 to make the Kick-off sessions consistent, create a common language, and clarify expectations. The following badges are now available to ALL certificated staff (teachers, mentors, and administrators).

Digital citizenship.png
Digital Citizenship
Google Classroom

interactive instruction.png

Interactive Instruction



How to Earn BadgesLya Quote

  • Join the "Badges for SlzUSD Certificated Personnel" Google Classroom. Launch any browser, go to and sign in with your account.

  • Select the PLUS (+) sign and select: Join class.

  • Enter this code: s6rdy1 to join the class to enroll in "Badges for SlzUSD Certificated Personnel" class.

  • Locate the badge you want, click on the assignment, and use the personalized handout to record your activities and reflections.

  • Submit the assignment sheet when you're done.  Your handout will be verified and a personalized badge will be created for you.

  • Affix or display your new badge as you desire.

Have fun learning!!!!

Cohort 4 & 4.4 Badge Leader Board

Way to go with badges!  Here are the 15 top badge earners on the Leader Board for Project LEAN In Cohort 4 and 4.4.  Congratulations on continued work well done!  


Name Number of Badges
Jese Brown, San Lorenzo High 4
Charlene Camigi, Del Rey Elementary 2
Michael Crystal, Washington Manor 2
Doug Heim, Del Rey Elementary 2
Janice Shaw, Del Rey Elementary 2
Beverly Thomas, Del Rey Elementary 2
Marianne Abueg-Igaz, Arroyo High School 1
Pam DeCarli, Corvallis Elementary 1
Megan Etheridge, Del Rey Elementary 1
Rachel Gonsalves, Washington Manor 1
Leslee Ijames, Washington Manor 1
Krista Sokolskly, Hillside Elementary 1
Susan Tognolini, Del Rey Elementary 1
Rebecca Vincent, Bohannon 1
Tammy Williams, Lorenzo Manor 1

Cohort 3 & 3.3 Badge Leader board

Way to go with badges! Here are the 13 top badge earners on the Leader Board for Project LEAN In Cohort 3 and 3.3.  A total of 275 badges have been issued to 60 teachers. Congratulations on continued work well done!  


Name Number of Badges
Kimberlyn Fischer-Hayes, Dayton 17
Susan Widule, Washington Manor 10
Judy Smith, San Lorenzo 9
Anneka Harper-Knox, Bohannon 8
Judith Watkins, Washington Manor 8
Gwen Beytin, Colonial Acres 7
Suzanne Evans, Bohannon 7
Matt Hagan, East Bay Arts 7
Shawna Ortez, Bohannon 7
Kaedan Peters, Arroyo 7
Julie Ramirez, Bohannon 7
Antonia Rodriguez, San Lorenzo 7
Amber Vijeh, Bohannon 7