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Board Student Advisory Council

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Student Advisory Council Meeting Schedule

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Archived Agendas and Minutes

Dec. 18, 17 Agenda None
Dec. 4, 17 Agenda None
Nov. 6, 17 Agenda None
Oct. 16, 17 Agenda Min.
Oct. 2, 17 Agenda Min.
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Brill, Fred
student advisory council-1 - Copy.png


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District Calendar 2017-2018

Purpose of the SAC

"The Students' Department"

The purpose of the Student Advisory Council, established after the introduction of Board Policy 9150 Student Board Member, is to discuss matters of policy and business mentioned at the meetings of the Board of Education, and beyond, for the operation of our school district and representation of the Student Body.

Agendas and minutes of Council meetings are available here at the District’s website, Also in accordance with the Brown Act, Government Code § 54957.4, writings relating to a Council meeting agenda item that are distributed to at least a majority of Council & Board members less than 72 hours before a noticed meeting, and that are public records not otherwise exempt from disclosure, will be available for inspection at the District administrative offices, 15510 Usher Street. For additional information, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 510-317-4690.

Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes for 18'

Minutes of SAC meetings will be posted the evening of passage.

January 22, 2018

Agenda Minutes

Jan. 9 CSBA Learnings

On January 9th, James will present his learnings from the CSBA Annual Education Conference in the role of Student Board Member. See his words to the board attached: Board Share Out

Student Board Member Budget Reduction Reccomendation

In July, 2017, the School Board requested that the district form a Budget Reduction Task Force to convene to provide recommendations regarding $ 6 million in ongoing budget reductions. These recommendations are necessary due to projected budget shortfalls for the next three years. A committee that included union groups, management, parents, the community, and Student Board Member James Aguilar, convened to discuss and review potential suggestions for reductions. From the list of over 200 suggestions provided by the Budget Reduction Task Force, and from the tier suggestions (BRTF and Cabinet combined), Student Board Member James Aguilar has identified a total of $5,352,029 in reductions.

James did not make the 6 million mark but is confident that the Board will make the appropriate decision for the remaining figures. To make his recommendation, he was assisted by Asst. Sup. of Business Services Madeline Gabel in understanding the budget, and his constituency in advocacy.


See his reccomendation here

Come visit your Student Board Member and the School Board Vice-President every 3rd Wednesday at 4:00, in the District Office Boardroom. Sit down and talk about anything surrounding our district. This is an open forum, and available for everyone to join in on.

student advisory council-1 - Copy.png
student advisory council-1 - Copy.png
student advisory council-1 - Copy.png
Aguilar, James
Student Board Member

FPPC Financial Disclosure

Student Board Member James Aguilar has independently (not with any local, county, state, or federal agency) filed FPPC's Form 700, Statement of Economic Interests.

He has reported a total of across two filing schedules . Schedule D, and Schedule E.There were no other items to file, other than non-disclosable expenditures & gifts under $50.00 (these are reported anyways under Comments) .


See his FPPC Form 700 here.