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School Loop-Teacher Portal

"School Loop integrates instruction, communication, and intervention tools into one simple system, so students and their parents know where they stand, what to do, and how to do well."~School Loop

Additionally, the District and school websites provide access to information and resources and maintains a vital connection to staff, families, and the community that makes up San Lorenzo Unified School District.

School Loop Login bottom of page.png
From your school site's homepage or bottom of webpage, log in to School Loop with the User Name and initial password that was generated and sent to your district email. 
To change/create a new password, click on the Gear icon located in the top right-hand corner, which goes to Account Management module School Loop Teacher Portal Settings menu bar.jpg



Special features icons are also located near the top of your portal homepage, although their exact placement may be different from the image to the right.


  • My Calendar - A monthly calendar displaying all event published by you or for you.
  • My Website - All staff members get a personal website. 
  • LoopMail - An internal, private, email system for registered users of a site (not available for users at district office sites.
  • My Locker - Bottomless, private storage for your personal files

Pull Down menus for easy access to important areas:School Loop Teacher Portal Menu.png

  • Classrooms - For Teachers only. The hub for all of your course related activities where you can preview what students see. Students and parents can access classroom assignments, lockers and other class related materials here.
  • Gradebooks - Links to the current gradebook for all of your courses. Also includes links to add new and edit existing gradebooks.
  • Groups Icon - Collaborate with other users in your school or even with other users in your district (sorry Standard Standalone users, an upgrade is required for district wide groups).

The portal includes links to the teacher's Classrooms (click the Course names) and a set of links to  features associated with their courses.‚Äč

  • Calendar
  • Gradebook (an optional feature for School Loop Plus)

Click on the More link to view additional features such as: 

  • Locker
  • Seating Chart
  • Roster
  • Assignments
  • Reports

This area of the portal displays all your courses for the current school year. When courses are not active (i.e. no students are currently enrolled), they are not visible on the portal. You can access all previous courses and move active sections to old courses via Manage Sections in the Quick Links (see below).

The portal also contains a list of Student Trackers which are customizable groups of students that allow administrators and teacher to focus on their needs. You are automatically given a course tracker for each course you teach. For more information about Student Trackers, click here


School Loop-My Portal Menu Bar.jpg
Teachers (and other staff members) can create their own web pages in their accounts that are also part of the larger school/district website.

Teacher Website Guide

Staff Website Guide


As staff members publish their sites, their name in the directory becomes a hyperlink (blue) to their site.  The envelope lets users email staff members. **NOTE: Messages from district email addresses will not send. 



Once you've created your teacher website and compiled information and links, you may want to have all of this move with you when you relocated.  Teacher sites cannot be moved from site to site; however, by creating a District Wide Group (that you're the only member of), it will enable you to copy the locker contents to that group, much like cloud storage.  Once at the new school, join the group you created and copy contents to your new website.

School Loop Help

Access School Loop's Support Center from your Teacher Portal by clicking on the red question mark icon located in the top right-hand corner menu bar

Here you'll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and can:

  • Search for answers, using key words, phrases, or type your question
  • Visit their full Help Website with online guidance, information, and resources such as documentation, videos, and free webinars.
  • Get personal help (submit a ticket) by emailing your questions/concerns directly to School Loop staff, who generally respond before end of business, if not within hours. *Screenshots and supporting documentation may be attached to support requests.

Teacher Portal-Help Quick LInks

School Loop Help Banner-Menu.png

Add a Co-Teacher
The teacher of record for a course can authorize an individual at the site with a Teacher or Staff role to be a Co-teacher for a course. The Co-teacher role grants access to all the tools for a shared course such as gradebooks, class sites, calendars, lockers, curriculum, student trackers, and seating charts. The Co-teacher will also be automatically included as part of the Learning Management Team for students in the shared course.

Gradebook - Introduction
Get familiar with view, menu, and tools

Gradebook - Getting Started
Find a comprehensive list of topics and Gradebook Scenarios: Gradebook Setup, Assignment Categories, Gradebook Settings, Scoring and Publishing Assignments, Grades, Progress Reports, and a list of advanced Gradebook and Topics

Edit Course Titles - When School Loop imports data about your classes, the names of your course come directly from the district's student information system. These course names appear on your Portal under Course Management and in the menus for Classrooms and Gradebooks and appear for your students in their schedules. Unfortunately, these names are not always formatted in a way that makes sense to you, your students, or their parents. No worries. You're free to change your course names as you see fit.

Manage Sections - At the beginning of a term, and before you add assignments, you may want to move sections from one course center to another to consolidate your students. This will make assigning work and grading easier.

School Loop to Google Classroom - Teachers can easily create and share assignments from School Loop to Google Classroom while keeping parents and other team members in the loop about what students need to do, where they stand and how to do well.