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Coding is Cool!

Not only is coding fun and challenging, it can lead to a great career. Thousands of high-paying computer science jobs go unfilled every year in the United States and the demand is only going to grow in our technology-rich world.

Many teachers in the District share this vision with their students and have participated in the Hour of Code.  This page contains a list of suggested resources.

Be sure to come back often as we intend to add resources frequently.

Available for Loan to Schools in San Lorenzo Unified School District

Wonder Lab

The District has a Wonder Workshop of 10 Dot and 10 Dash robots, complete with accessories, tablets, and charging hubs.  Schools can borrow the lab through their site CMS's sponsorship for 2-week periods.


Mini-Lab of 10 Android Tablets

If your site has purchased a Wonder Workshop but lacks the tablets for programming them, they can borrow a 10-pack of Android tablets from Technology Integration Services for an extended loan. Contact Chael Abulencia x4643 or

Coding Curriculum

The folks at Code.Org sponsored the Hour of Code and hundreds of hours of coding fun available to young learners.

CS First - Google

Google is committed to providing access to computer science to all learners.  Teachers can sign up to receive free curriculum materials and support.
Scratch was created in the labs of MIT to help students to learn to code through fun games, animations, etc.

The Computer Science and Music departments at Georgia Tech developed Ear Sketch to help students learn the Python coding language while they create original music online.  What could be better?  The entire course curriculum is available for free.


Students learn to code by making video special effects, Snapchat and Instagram filters, memes and more.

Girls Who Code

Ramesh Saujani founded "Girls Who Code" to provide opportunities and empowerment to girls.  Teachers can sponsor their own clubs and sign up for free curriculum materials

FIRST was founded to engage kids in kindergarten through high school in exciting, Mentor-based, research and robotics programs that help them become science and technology leaders, as well as well-rounded contributors to society. They are best known for their robotics competitions and offer sponsorship/scholarship programs for teachers that cannot afford to pay.