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Music Homepage

Music In Our Schools

The Elementary Music Program focuses on a classroom music approach to music instruction. All first through fifth grade students receive 60 minutes of classroom music instruction a week by a music specialist. The classroom music experiences include a variety of activities that incorporate singing, note reading, composing, performance, movement, music listening, and appreciation. Through the study of music, vocabulary and reading skills are constantly being reinforced. In a similar manner mathematical skills are supported through the study of beat and rhythm that are based upon patterns and fractions.

In the Primary grades, singing songs of our heritage and of other cultures is the core of the music program. Through movement activities, compositions, and performance on rhythm instruments, students also explore the many aspects of music: beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, and style. Listening skills are developed through active listening to a variety of musical styles.
During the fourth grade music period, students have an opportunity to apply music reading skills while playing mallet instruments and the recorder. Students in the fifth grade continue to learn and master the techniques introduced in the earlier grades. Some of the elementary schools have musical electric keyboard instruction also.
The Middle School Music Program offers the beginning and continuing musician a variety of elective courses from which to choose:
Beginning Band
Honor Band
String Orchestra
Percussion Ensemble
The High School Music Program offers students a wide variety of courses to develop and expand their musician interests:
          Mixed Choir
          A Cappella Choir
          Concert Choir    
          Barbershop Quartet
          String Orchestra
          Chamber Orchestra
          Intermediate Band
          Concert Band
          Marching Band
          Winter Percussion
          Winter Guard     
          Jazz Band
          Musical Keyboard Techniques
          Beginning Digital Music
          Intermediate Digital Music
          Advanced Digital Music