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Music Homepage

Music Standards and Curriculum


All grades strive to teach to the California Music Content Standards. They are:
1.   Artistic Perception
Processing, analyzing and responding to sensory information through the language and skills unique to music.
2. Creative Expression
Creating, performing and participating in music.
3. Historical and Cultural Context
Understanding the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of music.
4. Aesthetic Valuing
Responding to, analyzing and making judgments about works of music.
5. Connections, Relationships, Applications
Connecting and applying what is learned in music to learning in other art forms and subject areas and to careers.
 Middle/High School Music
Beginning Band Orchestra
The focus of these instrumental groups is to introduce students to the basic fundamentals of music theory and instrumental techniques in brass, woodwinds, percussion and strings. Students learn the concepts of tone production, finger dexterity, rhythmic integrity, pitch recognition as well as develop listening skills and performance practices.
Intermediate/Advanced Band Orchestra
These instrumental groups are designed to focus on continued musical development on brass, woodwind, percussion and string instruments. Students perform as individuals, as members of small ensembles or as members of large ensembles. They study intermediate and advanced instrumental techniques, performance practices and form and analysis as it relates to various idioms of band and orchestral repertoire.
Jazz Band
This is an advanced level class, therefore students are expected to know advanced techniques on their instruments. Jazz band focuses on both ensemble and solo performance. Music theory includes chord progressions, the blues scale, the pentatonic scale as well as modal scales. Various historical and musical idioms are explored.
Students focus on proper vocal technique which includes good posture, breathing, anatomy for the singer, mouth and jaw placement, choral technique i.e. the importance of text, phrasing, diction, interpretation, sight reading, performance practices and music history. Students perform as individuals, small ensembles and entire choir.