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Translation Office

Important Observations from Translation Services

We are legally responsible to offer forms in Spanish. (We do as many as we can). Please make sure these forms are given out to parents. We print many Spanish forms and they don’t get used. Suggestion: Keep the English next to the Spanish so the office managers can better understand and follow along if the parent needs help or ha a question.


  •  Please offer to parents the option of Spanish as their correspondence language and note it in the correct field in AERIES.
  • Interpreter needs for languages not spoken at your site MUST go through Laura Low.  Please start with her. Sometimes an office manager will try to do this in other ways, be delayed and then frustrated. We try to be prompt but are at the mercy of schedules and priorities. Thank you for your patience.

♦   If you need other languages NOT serviced in our District for Special Education, please contact Thomas Mills.


 ♦   Requests for Chinese interpretation and translations can be forwarded to Susan Ma.


  •  If any person, not a BIA, like an LPS or other employee is used to translate/interpret s/he MUST be under a Limited Term Employee Consultant or Independent Contractor agreement. Proper documentation needs to be filled out and they MUST be Board approved.


  •  In the instance where you have a formal document from the state that has an accompanying translation in Spanish, or if a site person translates a document, this must be forwarded to Laura before it is sent out.  Often we get translations from other agencies that are filled with errors and inaccuracies.  We have observed documents from the state that are of poor quality. This is equally true for documents that we get from other districts, publisher websites, etc…


  •  Documents translated by any site person must be forwarded to Laura. Please, don’t assume that because someone has verbal fluency they can write it adequately . This is not always the case. How many fluent English people do you know that have very poor writing skills? Remember, simple, informal translations do not need to be checked by Laura, only school and district wide documents.


  •  All Spanish IEPs will be done by Laura Low, unless you are notified that someone else is on the approved list for IEPs. We plan to do some training in this area once we know who we can count on.


  •  We have simultaneous interpretation equipment available, it will not be lent to the sites unless the person that will be using it is certified as able to interpret simultaneously. It makes no sense to use them if the modality is consecutive. 


  •  When you request an interpreter after their regular work hours, please have an account number ready for their time sheets. 


  • Also, remind your Special Education staff to coordinate their needs for an interpreter with the administration before requesting an interpreter to work after their work hours. In most instances, these IEP’s must be paid by site funds. 


  • In accordance to CSEA contract, when a full time employee is asked back, the minimum time paid will be 2 hours, regardless of whether they serve less than that time.

 Thank you!