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Family Engagement


Each Elementary and Middle School has a School Community Liaison at their site for one or more school days.  Their roles and responsibilities are as follows:



  1. Model welcoming approach to families and parents

  2. Be a resource for families and parents to find needed assistance

  3. Assist parents in making contacts with principals or teachers


  1. Create opportunities for parents/families to participate in school activities

  2. Be visible on school campus during the school day, especially when school starts and at dismissal times

  3. Take initiative to meet parents/families/teachers/staff at each school

  4. Report to the Educational Services Department designee with any concerns or absences

  5. Submit weekly Time Log and mileage to the designee

  6. Attend Family Engagement Task Force meetings

  7. Attend Districtwide Family Engagement events as often as possible

  8. Attend and assist in developing schoolwide activities for parent/family engagement

  9. Survey staff as to ways to engage families at each school

  10. Collaborate with District Social Workers

  11. Attend staff meetings at least three times a year

  12. Attend at least one School Site Council meeting at each site

  13. Identify one person at each site to act as a partner in School Family Engagement

  14. Sharing information with parents about topics of interest

  15. Share schoolwide information or initiatives with designee prior to distributing