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Teacher Induction Program

San Lorenzo's Teacher Induction Program

San Lorenzo Unified School District is a part of the Contra Costa County of Education (CCCOE) Consortium.  CCCOE offices are located at 77 Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.  Visit their website (below) for more information & relevant documents.

The username and password for the CAS FAS Electronic Tools are below.  Participating Teachers, this is where you can go to see the documents your Mentor has on their flash drives.  Click on Documents and choose the CAS FAS Electronic Tools. 

  • username: cccoetip
  • password: cccoetip


What to do this month



November/December To Do List


  • Mentor/Participating Teacher Activity Log.  Continue to keep track of your weekly meetings on your Mentor/PT Activity Log.  The goal is to meet once a week for sixty minutes.  This form will be submitted at the Mid-Year Review (February 1st) and again at the Colloquium (May 17th).  


  • Complete Collaborative Assessment Logs (CAL).  Your mentor will use CALs to capture your weekly conversations.  


  • Start developing your Inquiry Action Plan (IAP).  Start by revisiting your ILP.  Choose 1+ goal(s) to focus on.  Use the boxed IAP scaffold to help you create your Inquiry question.  Attached are clean versions of the IAP and a few examples of completed IAPs.  This document needs to be sent to your liaison by January 31st.   


  • Prepare for your second Observation.  Check in with your mentor about the date & time for your second observation in January.  Add the observation notes to your flash drive.  


  • Veteran Teacher Observations (OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED).  Each Participating Teacher has access to a half day sub, which can be used to observe veteran teachers.  To request a sub, email your liaison with the day and start time.  A half day sub is for three hours and forty five minutes and the best days to request are Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Want a full day?  Let’s contact your site administrator.  They may be willing and able to match us for a full day.  To prepare for your observation, work with your mentor to develop a schedule and communicate with your Office Manager so they know where you’ll be and when.  I’ve attached the Veteran Teacher Observation Form--another optional tool to use for note taking.  This can be a great opportunity to see other classrooms and can give you some ideas for the focus of your IAP.  


San Lorenzo Teacher Induction Program

Anneka Harper

Anneka Harper-Knox

Teacher Induction Program Liaison

Education Services

Phone: 510-317-4707




Teacher Induction Program Coordinator

Human Resources

San Lorenzo is part of Contra Costa County of Education's BTSA Induction Consortium:

  • Debra Sioui, CCCOE Program Coordinator, (925) 942-3470,
  • Charise Calone, CCCOE Liaison for San Lorenzo, (925) 942-3434,