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BA - New Logo.jpgBay Elementary

2001 Bockman Rd

San Lorenzo CA 94580

(510) 317-4300

Principal: Kimberly Yearns

Grant Dolphin.pngGrant Elementary

879 Grant Ave
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-3700

Principal: Vanessa Bramlett

ColAcres Logo.pngColonial Acres Elementary

17115 Meekland Ave
Hayward, CA 94541

(510) 317-4500

Principal: Ruben Oliveras

hes_hawk.jpgHesperian Elementary

620 Drew St
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-5200

Principal: Wendy Garner

cor_wildcat.jpgCorvallis Elementary

14790 Corvallis St
San Leandro, CA 94579

(510) 317-4900

Principal:  Gail Drake

hil_hawk.jpgHillside Elementary

15980 Marcella St
San Leandro, CA 94578

(510) 317-5300

Interim Principal: Kathy LaCome

day_tiger.jpgDayton Elementary

1500 Dayton Ave
San Leandro, CA 94579

(510) 317-3600

Interim Principal: Denise Landry

Lor_Lion.jpgLorenzo Manor Elementary

18250 Bengal Ave
Hayward, CA 94541

(510) 317-5400

Interim Principal:  John Shimko

delreydragon.jpgDel Rey Elementary

1510 Via Sonya
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-5000

Principal:  Robert Patrick




MIDDLE SCHOOLS                                           HIGH SCHOOLS



Bohannon Middle

800 Bockman Rd
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-3800

Principal:  Peggy Arman

Don_Logo_Large.jpgArroyo High

15701 Lorenzo Ave
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-4000

Principal:  James Gray

EMS Rocket Logo.jpgEdendale Middle

16160 Ashland Ave
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-5100

Principal:  Evelyn Baffico

EBA man.pngEast Bay Arts High

20450 Royal Ave
Hayward, CA 94541

(510) 317-4400

Principal:  Abigail Kotzin

wm_wolf.jpgWashington Manor Middle

1170 Fargo Ave
San Leandro, CA 94579

(510) 317-5500

Principal: Theresa Armada

rshs_panther.jpgRoyal Sunset High

20450 Royal Ave
Hayward, CA 94541

(510) 317-4400

Principal:  Abigail Kotzin


SLZ Logo 2015.jpgSan Lorenzo High

50 E. Lewelling Blvd
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-3000

Principal:  Tovi Scruggs


High School Small Learning Communities (SLCs)

San Lorenzo Unified has “choice-based” enrollment at the high school level, which means that a student can sign up to attend any one of our high school Small Learning Communities (SLCs), on any of our high school campuses, regardless of address. Students are encouraged to choose an SLC that best fits their talents and interests. All of the SLCs are the same in that they offer a rigorous, comprehensive college prep curriculum, but each does so through a different college and career theme.  Click to learn more about Small Learning Communities (SLCs), or visit the web pages of each below.


Bay Area Digital Arts (BADA) Law, Leadership, & Culture (LLC)
East Bay Arts (EBA) Tech Links
Future Leaders for Social Change Academy of Health & Medicine
Green Engineering Technology (GET) Transportation, Engineering, & Design (TREND)

New Image.JPGAdult School

820 Bockman Rd

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-4200

Principal: John Kelly

diploma.jpgDistrict Independent Contract Education (D.I.C.E.)

15510 Usher St

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-4774

An alternative educational opportunity for students within the San Lorenzo Unified School District. The program is designed to serve middle and high school students. 

Associated Charter Schools

kipp_summit_logo.jpgKIPP Summit Academy, Grades 5-8

2005A Via Barrett

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 258-0106

Principal: Salome Portugal

Kipp_King_Collegiate.jpgKIPP Collegiate High School

2005B Via Barrett

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 317-2330

Principal:  Kate Belden