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School Loop-Webmasters, Editors, Contributors

Publishing Rights

Webmaster access is a right rather than a role. Webmaster rights are not automatic and have to be assigned. Any Sys Admin, Principal, or AP account can assign Webmaster rights to users with the following roles: Staff, Teacher, Associate, AP, Principal, and Sys Admin. Sys Admin.

Editors can publish content and edit pages within their sections without approval from a Webmaster.

Contributors must have any changes they make to their sections approved. When a contributor publishes a page, they will see an Approval Pending message. The page will not go live until approved by a Webmaster.

User Management rights are assigned to District Admin, Sys Admin, Principal or AP account. Administrators can, register teacher and create accounts for other staff, approve parent and student accounts, auto login to User accounts, and edit User account information.

Link to chart to assist with deciding which users account types receive which rights.

Webmaster: Getting Started
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Content Manager: Homepage tools, Image & Resource File Lockers, News, and more...

Webmaster Content Mgr.jpg

Page Elements - Element Gallery
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Working with Tables with Graphics & Text
How-to Guide
to using table properties for aligning

School Year Calendar Generator - Separate from Calendar Element and customized with different colors you choose for holidays, testing, minimum days, etc.
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Creating slideshows - Showcase activities & announcements
Adding Google Map(s)
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Sharing news or events to favorite social media!
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