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Local Control Accountability Plan


Recommendations From the Steering Committee

Steering Committee Recommendations for the 2017-18 LCAP Plan

LCAP Steering Committee Recommendations 2017.pdf



Steering Committee Individual Stakeholder Group Recommendations  for the 2017-18 LCAP Plan

LCAP Steering Committee Individual Stakeholder Recommendations 4-24-17.pdf


Recommendations for the 2018-19 LCAP Plan will be posted here as they are developed in Spring 2018

LCAP Portal 2017-18

Explanation of Local Control Accountability Plan

The State of California requires local school districts to establish a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP plan is to be developed with feedback and input from community stakeholder groups--staff, parents and students, with a focus on achieving more equitable outcomes for English learners, students in families with low income, Foster children, Homeless children, African American, Latino/Hispanic and students with disabilities.  The LCAP must be approved by the Governing Board in June of 2018. This website will post meeting documents and feedback throughout the LCAP development process.

Board of Education Information Regarding LCAP

LCAP Input--Update and Changes to Process

This year, the district will be undergoing a different process for LCAP revision than in years past. This year, we have three specific influences that we must take into consideration prior to the development of an LCAP plan. Specifically, these are:

* State and Board of Education Budget Reductions

* Differentiated Assistance--specific action steps to address the achievement of Special Education and Homeless Students

* Board of Education Mission/Vision/Goals Renewal Process


All of these items are in the process of being finalized--once they have been completed, in mid-Spring, the LCAP Steering Committee will be revising our plan for the 2018-19 school year. The Community will have an opportunity to weigh in on the draft plan prior to submission to the Board of Education. We will post more specifics on what this input will look like in March.


LCAP Fiscal Information

LCAP Steering Committee Meeting Information

LCAP Steering Committee

LCAP Calendar 2017-18

Research & Resources

LCAP Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a link to the most recently asked questions about our LCAP plan and process. If you have questions about our plan or process, please feel free to email Barbara DeBarger, Assistant Superintendent, at


LCAP Questions and Comments from Steering Committee 11-7-16B.pdf

LCAP Questions and comments _ Spanish.pdf

LCAP Questions and Comments from Steering Committee 11-7-16B Chinese.pdf

LCAP January Information Presentations QA.pdf



School and Community Input Charts

This section contains charted information gathered from stakeholder meetings held at school sites and the district office in the Spring of 2017. Each group's input was tallied and reported  below. Information regarding our current LCAP initiatives as well as new ideas and open input comments is also included as separate comments within each document. 


Survey Responses All.pdf

Survey Responses Community.pdf

Survey Responses CSEA.pdf

Survey CSEA Leadership.pdf

Survey Responses ParentsGuardians.pdf

Survey Responses SEIU.pdf

Survey Responses Students.pdf

Survey Responses SLEA.pdf

Survey SLEA Leadership.pdf

Survey Responses SLMA.pdf