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School Libraries

The Mission and Vision of the San Lorenzo Unified School District Library Program

is to become a learning commons, a dynamic, interactive, physical and virtual program that is a collaborative and integral part of the San Lorenzo Unified School District community to ensure that all students are:

  • Creative, collaborative, communicative, critical thinkers.
  • Able to access, evaluate, use information then apply these skills to all disciplines and all situations.
  • Ethical and effective users of technology.
  • College and career ready.
  • Socially responsible, respectful citizens of the world who are able to understand others’ perspectives and are culturally aware.
  • Lifelong lovers of learning and reading.

Elementary Libraries

Bay Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-4333
Library Media Technician: Linda Stone

Colonial Acres Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-4571
Library Media Technician: JoAnne Freitas

Corvallis Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-4958
Library Media Technician: Diana Stevenson

Dayton Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-3642
Library Media Technician: Linda Lens

Del Rey Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-5018
Library Media Technician: Rochelle Usher

Grant Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-3708
Library Media Technician: Alexa Finlay

Hesperian Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-5251
Library Media Technician: Leo Liang

 Hillside Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-5370
Library Media Technician: Lynn Vahey

Lorenzo Manor Elementary School Library

Phone: (510) 317-5463
Library Media Technician: Beth Redington

District Library Staff

Kemp, Linda (510) 317-4752 Library Media Technician
Stein, Patti (510) 317-4714 District Librarian
Hernandez, Janette (510) 317-4700 Director, Secondary Education

High School Libraries

Arroyo High School Library

Phone: (510) 317-4052
Teacher Librarian: Mark Schneider
Library Media Technician: Dorothy Fitzgerald

Royal Sunset High School/East Bay Arts Library

Phone: (510) 317-4404
Library Media Technician: Jennifer Lyell

San Lorenzo High School Library

Phone: (510) 317-3146
Teacher Librarian: Susan Marks
Library Media Technician: Grayce Martin

Middle School Libraries

Bohannon Middle School Library

Phone: (510) 317-3895

Teacher Librarian:  Gabrielle Thormann
Library Media Technician: Heather Munson

Edendale Middle School Library

Phone: (510) 317-5145
Library Media Technician: Jessica Neideffer

Washington Manor Middle School Library

Phone: (510) 317-5562

Teacher Librarian: Gabrielle Thormann
Library Media Technician: Megan Casey

Library Hours

For site library hours, please contact the library staff.