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Who Does What in TIS

One-Stop Tech Help

Just submit a HelpSTAR if you need any help from the Technology Integration Services Department.  We'll route it to the right team member to make sure you get the fastest, most expert service.  Services include:

  • Troubleshooting and resolving technological and network issues
  • Imaging new computers/devices
  • Creating or recovering of passwords for Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) accounts 
  • Providing Network Login Request accounts (district network login/email account creation or change.)  For more information and guides please visit the IT Resources and Forms page.
  • Scheduling appointments to return or track repairs to laptop, Chromebook, or tablets
  • Reserving the IMTC Training Room or IMTC Large Room
    • IMTC Training Room offers table seating for 30, with SmartBoard - Available daily
    • IMTC Large Room offers table seating for 20 or theater-style, 25, with 70" monitor for presentations- Available daily after 4pm
  • Resolving School Loop account issues
  • Request student Gmail access to additional domains
(In-District Only)
HelpSTAR - http://helpstar
Help Desk: (510) 317-4749
(emergency only, please)
Network Login Forms.png

Onsite Classroom Technology Support

Computer Media Specialists (CMS) assist teachers in the classroom/computer lab, venue set up, including projector use guidance, user support, and GAFE password recovery.  CMS's maintain mobile device carts inventory and/or intra-site reservation(s), along with HelpSTAR submission guidance for technical issues. [more]

SITE CMS Support Staff
Adult Tech only-Elicio Ramirez
Arroyo Mikal Dace
Bay Sanjna Chand
Bohannon Isabella Mary
Colonial Rebecca Codere
Corvallis Sanjna Chand
Dayton Sanjna Chand
Del Rey Rochelle Usher
DICE Tech only-Peter Guilalas
District Office Tech only-Peter Guilalas
East Bay Arts / Royal Sunset Paula McKay
Edendale Christopher Condap
Grant Farina Bibi
Hesperian Angela Villegas
Hillside Farina Bibi
Lorenzo Manor Farina Bibi
San Lorenzo Michael Hu
Washington Manor Paula McKay

Aeries, CALPADS, or District Attendance Support

Aeries SIS users can receive support, attend workshops throughout the school year to ensure CALPADS data entry standards for state reporting compliance, and get user account management assistance.
(more Aeries information)

Contact:  Jeanne Underwood, Aeries SIS/CALPADS Coordinator
ext 4741

District attendance staff support and guidance is available in regards to attendance and ADA compliance for state reporting, and Aeries SIS user assistance.  

Contact:  Tyler Colgett, District Attendance Tech/Aeries SIS Specialist
ext 4745

Professional Development

Technology integration workshops and device orientations are offered for Certificated, Classified, and Administrative staff.
Visit the Technology Professional Development page for latest offerings and information.

Contact: Sam Sakai-Miller, Director, Technology Integration Services, ext: 4644

Onsite Teacher Support

Contact TSA Alexis Meron or Lori McCaughtry for small group workshops and School Loop teacher website support and guidance.
[More details]

School Loop Website Support

School sites and district office departments have available support for website management guidance and staff user accounts/permissions.  (School site staff manage parent and student accounts)

Visit webpages: 

School Loop-Teacher Portal
Contact:  Alexis Meron or Lori McCaughtry, TSA-Technolgy Integration Services | ext 4753 or | ext 4807

School Loop-Webmasters, Editors, Contributors

Contact:  Sam Sakai-Miller, Director | ext 4644