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Bay Elementary
2001 Bockman Rd, San Lorenzo CA 94580, (510) 317-4311 or 4312
Principal: Kimberly Yearns


Colonial Acres Elementary
17115 Meekland Ave., Hayward, CA 94541, (510) 317-4511 or 4512
Principal: Kathy Lacome


Corvallis Elementary
14790 Corvallis St, San Leandro, CA 94579, (510) 317-4911 or 4912
Principal: Bryan Dunn-Ruiz


Dayton Elementary
1500 Dayton Ave, San Leandro, CA 94579, (510) 317-3611 or 3612
Principal: Kevin Moore


Del Rey Elementary
1510 Via Sonya, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-5011 or 5012
Principal: Don Carpenter

Grant Elementary
879 Grant Ave, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-3711 or 3712
Principal: Joshua Jackson
Hesperian Elementary
620 Drew St, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-5211 or 5212
Principal: Brian McComb

Hillside Elementary
15980 Marcella St, San Leandro, CA 94578, (510) 317-5311 or 5312
Principal: Moraima Machado


Lorenzo Manor Elementary
18250 Bengal Ave, Hayward, CA 94541, (510) 317-5411 or 5412
Principal: John Shimko


Bohannon Middle
800 Bockman Rd., San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-3801
Principal: Gwendolyn Rehling

Edendale Middle
16160 Ashland Ave., San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-5111
Co-Principals: Elisha Jackson and Sondra Williams

Washington Manor Middle
1170 Fargo Ave., San Leandro, CA 94579, (510) 317-5501
Principal: Theresa Armada


Arroyo High
15701 Lorenzo Ave., San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-4011
Principal: James Gray

East Bay Arts High
20450 Royal Ave., Hayward, CA 94541, (510) 317-4411
Principal: Abigail Kotzin

Royal Sunset High
20450 Royal Ave, Hayward, CA 94541, (510) 317-4411
Principal: Abigail Kotzin

San Lorenzo High
50 E. Lewelling Blvd, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-3100
Principal: Allison Silvestri


Adult School
820 Bockman Rd., San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-4200
Principal: Sharita Williams

District Individualized Contracted Education (D.I.C.E.)
15510 Usher St., San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-4774
An alternative educational opportunity for students within the San Lorenzo Unified School District. The program is designed to serve middle and high school students.


High School Small Learning Communities (SLCs)

San Lorenzo Unified has “choice-based” enrollment at the high school level, which means that a student can sign up to attend any one of our high school Small Learning Communities (SLCs), on any of our high school campuses, regardless of address. Students are encouraged to choose an SLC that best fits their talents and interests. All of the SLCs are the same in that they offer a rigorous, comprehensive college prep curriculum, but each does so through a different college and career theme.  Click to learn more about Small Learning Communities (SLCs), or visit the web pages of each below.

Associated Charter Schools

KIPP Summit Academy, Grades 5-8

2005A Via Barrett, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 258-0106
Principal: Salome Portugal

KIPP Collegiate High School
2005B Via Barrett, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, (510) 317-2330
Principal: Kate Belden