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Department of Student Support Services

Welcome to the Department and Office of Student Support Services. For the 2018-2019school year and through a process of systemic synergy the Student Support Services Department strives to create a districtwide restorative climate with an equity lens that optimizes, maximizes, and increases student access to high quality teaching and learning. To that end we seek to ensure educational success and transformation for all students. Through the support of this department, we provide the necessary intervention systems, aiding students and families in maximizing their educational experience within the San Lorenzo Unified School District. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best level of quality service through the lens of equity, integrity, respect, and social justice. In mission, we strive to partner with all district and site-based departments to close academic, opportunity, racial, and discipline gaps, preparing students for solid futures. For the 2016-2017 school year we will continually deepen our District and Departmental implementation of Restorative Practices, as coordinated by Amani Dunham. For detailed information about our Restorative Practices approach, please visit our Restorative Practices page.
In Student Support Services we manage issues from the district level that are related to truancy (SART/SARB/Chronic Absenteeism), residence verification (home visits), Section-504 Plans, DICE Program (new location), Inter District Transfer Applications, Open Enrollment, transcript requests, summer work permits, student enrollment, expulsions, Re-Entry Program, McKinney-Vento (Homeless Program), Parent Project, SLZUSD Mental Health Collaborative, Foster Youth services, matters related to discipline, process/implementation of Restorative Practices, and more.
For deeper information and our departmental Theory of Action, you can view our 2015-2016 Student Support Services Department Manual & Strategic Approach. The updated 2016-2017 manual will be available soon. For additional guiding information regarding parent-to-school engagement, see the US Department of Education document (English/Spanish).


San Lorenzo Unified is A Safe Haven District. See links and supports below:

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Student Support Services Staff

Dr. Ammar Saheli, Director, Student Support Services

Amani Dunham, Coordinator, Student Support Services
(510) 317-4894

Front Office

D.I.C.E. Program (District Individualized Contracted Education) New Address: 750 Fargo Ave. San Leandro, 94579

Child Welfare and Attendance

  • Amani Dunham 
    SARB Chairperson 
    (510) 317-4894
  • Rocio Gonzalez-Romero:
  • Child Welfare and Attendance Specialist (Elementary)
    (510) 317-4767
  • Cynthia Brice:
    Child Welfare and Attendance Specialist (Secondary)
    (510) 317-4732 

Restorative Practices Teacher on Special Assignment

  • Becca Coleman
    Restorative Practices TSA
    (510) 317-2584
    Office Location: District Office

Social Workers:

Campus Security Officer