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Restorative Practices Resources

Here you'll find a growing body of resources to help you learn about Restorative Practices.

Curriculum and Circle Guides

Video Links


SFUSD Intro to Restorative Practices Video- A 15 minute overview to Restorative Practices with student and teacher voice

PBS News Hour To curb conflict, a Colorado high school replaces punishment with conversation

#InvestInSchoolsNotPolice  Schools need real resources and support to transform into restorative, just, and inclusive communities. 

Circles: Healing Through Restorative Justice a brief of a Restorative Justice youth convening.

The Transformation of West Philadelphia High School: a story of hope From the International Institute for Restorative Practices

Rethinkers New Orleans youth  engaging in participatory education and action research explore Restorative Justice

Invest in Education, Not Incarceration Push Back Against School Pushout

Trailer for Growing Fairness a short documentary film about “growing” restorative justice practices in public schools in New York City and Oakland, CA



Glenview Elementary Elementary students practicing dialogue circles in Oakland 

Edna Brewer Middle school Students trained in Peer Restorative Justice

Met West High School A student led circle in a high school advisory

Reentry Circle A student returns to school after incarceration. A circle is held to help set student up for success

A Perfect Song for Class Transition to Circle