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Restorative Practices Resources

Here you'll find a growing body of resources to help you learn about Restorative Practices.


Curriculum and Circle Guides


Video Links


SFUSD Intro to Restorative Practices Video: A 15 minute overview to Restorative Practices with student and teacher voice

PBS News Hour: To curb conflict, a Colorado high school replaces punishment with conversation

#InvestInSchoolsNotPolice: Schools need real resources and support to transform into restorative, just, and inclusive communities

Circles: Healing Through Restorative Justice: A brief clip of a Restorative Justice youth convening

The Transformation of West Philadelphia High School: a story of hope: From the International Institute for Restorative Practices

Rethinkers: New Orleans youth engaging in participatory education and action research explore Restorative Justice

Invest in Education, Not Incarceration: Push Back Against School Pushout

Trailer for Growing Fairness: A short documentary film about “growing” restorative justice practices in public schools in New York City and Oakland, CA




Glenview Elementary: Elementary students practicing dialogue circles in Oakland 

Edna Brewer Middle School: Students trained in Peer Restorative Justice

Met West High School: A student led circle in a high school advisory

Reentry Circle: A student returns to school after incarceration. A circle is held to help set student up for success


A Perfect Song for Class Transition to Circle