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Process & Procedures

California Education Code states that a student must attend school in the school district in which the parent/guardian resides unless a permit has been granted.   If there is no legal documentation of guardianship and the parents do not reside in the proximity of San Lorenzo Unified School District, an Affidavit of Residency can be obtained from the Student Support Services Department.   The School Attendance Liaisons can issue the Affidavit. Guardians must prove residency and signatures must be obtained by both parent and guardian. In emergency situations, a notarized letter will be accepted.   The Affidavit will stay on file with the San Lorenzo Unified School District until the student reaches the age of 18. A copy is provided to the guardian to bring to the school office as well as a copy for their reference.   It is best to schedule an appointment prior to coming to the District Office to be sure the Child Welfare and Attendance Specialist is in the office:
  • For Elementary level students contact Rocio Gonzalez-Romero: (510) 317-4767
  • For Middle & High School level students contact Cynthia Brice: (510) 317-4732