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Open Enrollment

Program Description

Open Enrollment can be done when you are requesting another school other than your home school. You will need to complete an Open Enrollment form during the Open Enrollment period at your local school or at the District Office (Student Support Services Department). Open Enrollment requests will be approved based on space availability. Children with siblings will be considered first. If application volume exceeds available space, a Lottery will be established to select students. Grades 1st through 8th will be determined in August. All kindergarteners will be determined in August, the week before school starts. Special Education students may participate in the Open Enrollment process, provided programs are available to meet their specific needs. For all current students Open Enrollment for 2017-2018 school placement is closed and all families should have received an Open Enrollment application.

Beginning the 2017-2018 school year, Open Enrollment applications will be available at your school site, Student Support Services, or on this webpage through an application link that will be provided for the two-week Open Enrollment Period. If you have any questions regarding Open Enrollment please feel free to call 510-317-4760.