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Student Health

Who are the District School Nurses ?

Renee Beckman, RN BSN  District School Nurse  rbeckman@slzusd.org

Susie Birden Brown, RN MSN PHN    District School Nurse    sbrown@slzusd.org

Ashley Demsky, RN BSN PHN District School Nurse  ademksy@slzusd.org

Lisa ONeal, RN MSN SNP District School Nurse eoneal@slzusd.org

Kathy A. Leong RN BSN District School Nurse kaleong@slzusd.org

Norma Perez  Sr. Office Assistant  nperez@slzusd.org

If you have questions please call 510-317-4791.


Health Information for Parents


Free and Low Cost Health Care and Glasses

Where Can I Get Free or Low Cost Health Care?

For assistance with finding a doctor or dentist, getting a free physical exam or obtaining low cost health insurance, call the PUBLIC HEALTH CLEARINGHOUSE AT 1-888-604-INFO or (510) 444-2229.

For assistance in finding a free or low cost immunization clinic, call or e-mail your District School Nurse.

What Do I do if My Child Needs Glasses?

If your child needs glasses and you are unable to afford them, contact your District School Nurse.

If you have Medi-Cal, your District School nurse can help you find an eye doctor who will accept Medi-Cal.

The Disrict School Nurses participates in a partnership with the Sight for Students Program. This program provides free gift certificates for eye exams and glasses once every 12 months. To be eligible: the child must be 18 years of age or younger. The child or parent must be a US citizen or documented immigrant with a social security number. The child should not have any other vision insurance that covers eye exams or glasses. The family income must be within 200% of the poverty level. This means a family of 4 can earn slightly over $34,000 a year and still participate in this program. If you think your child is eligible, contact your District School Nurse.

If you are not eligible for those programs, your District School Nurse can make a referral to the Lion"s Club. The Lion's Club also provides assistance with eye exams and glasses.