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ONE:ONE Initiative


The CONNECTIT ONE:ONE is a district priority initiative to:

    • Increase 21st Century skills
    • Increase differentiated learning
    • Create connected learners
    • Increase student achievement

 21st-century learning requires daily, unrestricted access to information and resources. Students will learn in a technology-rich environment which promotes critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, digital age literacy, and high productivity as integral parts of their lives both in and out of school. We envision a learning environment where students master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from a wide variety of subjects and sources. TIS believes the investment in this initiative is vital to producing students that are ready and competitive for life after secondary education. 

TIS will continue to make progress in achieving its ONE:ONE goal of reaching 100% district-wide device deployment for every student. A schedule of regular refresh cycles for the previously issued devices that reach end of life will be conducted to help improve technology experience of users. 


Disposition of retired Chromebooks after the completion of each refresh cycle may be distributed to sites for checkout to student for use at home. The checkout process will be site determined and managed. An allocation of Chromebooks for distribution will be finalized on or about October 2019. The purpose of sending the Retired Chromebooks home is to increase student access to information and curricular material beyond the school hours. Discounted Internet access is available through most Internet Service Providers. Assigned Retired Chromebooks are for use for students and their families while they are attending San Lorenzo Unified School District.