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Infographs and Presentation Tools

Infographs - When a student creates an infograph, s/he shows how elements in the presentation relate to each other, are connected and form a path of understanding for themselves and their audience.  Infographics also work with different learning styles, combining the skills students to show their understanding of complex concepts and ideas. -This site is ideal for teachers and students to convey their thoughts and concepts in a visual form. Great for student reports.

Venngage -  Venngage allows students to create a variety of infographics with a variety of templates, charts and visuals.
Piktochart - Students can create and also print their infographs for reports and presentations.
Presentations - A student's presentation in the classroom becomes an important element in delivering positive learning experiences.  The communication skills of writing, oral and listening are important for successful learning experiences.
Emaze - Students and teachers can incorporate video into their presentations using this online presentation site.
HaikuDeck - Students and teachers can use a variety of creative tools for presentations that can be viewed on any platform..
Powtoon - Students and teachers can create animated videos and presentations.
Prezi - This website is another venue where students can create animated presentations.
WeVideo - Students and teachers can create short videos to present their ideas creatively