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San Lorenzo Unified School District is an equal opportunity district. All positions are available to qualified applicants regardless of race, sex, marital status, medical condition, sexual orientation, age, national origin, color, ancestry, religious creed, veteran status, and/or physical handicap.


CalSTRS - Post-Retirement Earning Limitations

There have been many recent changes in law that have impacted the ability of public agency employees to work after retirement, and we continue to get many questions about the current provisions. Here are the provisions as they affect retirees from the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS).


Earnings Limitations

The work performed by CalSTRS retirees is subject to the current year's earnings limitation, which for 2014-15 is $40,173 and 2015-16 is $40,321. The limitation is calculated each year and represents 50% of the median final compensation amount for members that retired two fiscal years before.  Any earnings above this annual limitation will result in a reduction of the member's retirement benefit. 

Application and Process

Substitute Teachers  Employment Process

The San Lorenzo Unified School District maintains a substitute teacher base so that our students continue to

receive a high standard of education while their regular teacher is ill or gone on a staff development activity.

In order to be employed as a substitute teacher in the San Lorenzo Unified School District, the District

requires that the candidate have the following:

  • State of California issued Emergency 30-day Substitute Permit or a Clear Single/Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.
  • Fingerprints on file with the Alameda County Office of Education substitute consortium.

If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher for the San Lorenzo Unified School District, you

can contact the Substitute Desk at (510) 317-4655 or visit us in person during our normal business hours.  

Daily Rate of Pay

Certificated Substitute Daily Rate:
$180.00 (After eleventh day consecutive day)

Classified Substitute Daily Rate:
See salary schedules for step A-1 of classification


Substitute Credential Information


Renew Your Sub Permit or View/Print Your Credential

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