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Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

Mandatory Training for Employees

The training listed below will be set up through Keenan’s Safe Schools program. 

1.  Child Abuse: Identification and Prevention -
This training is required to be completed for Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse. 

The training is approximately 30 minutes.  There is audio required for this program so please make sure computers are equipped properly before you begin. This training is required yearly and will be due by November 10 or within 60 days of employment.  All staff with email assigned through the District will receive an email notification of the assigned training.  Special arrangements will need to be made for LPS staff to watch and take a written test.  Child Nutrition will be handling the training for their employees.


Safe School Log-In Instructions

Child Abuse Reporting Form

Child Abuse reporting  form:

Instructions on how to complete the form: