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Tech Tools for Families

Continuous Learning through Technology Tools

The District has implemented online resources that are accessible in the classroom, at home, at the library, anywhere Internet is available -- for continuous learning.  (Please refer to the District Technology Plan for details.)

We invite you to explore the following resources that are designed to connect students and families with essential technology tools that are being used in the classroom.  

Visit this page again to find out about the new menu of Family Tech Fairs that are coming in 2018-19.


Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Curated Collections

Digital Citizenship

Learning about Digital Citizenship is important with the increase use of technology.  Check out the Family Toolbox for more information about how it is different and/or alike from Citizenship.

School to Home Productivity

Office 365 - No need to purchase Microsoft Office Suite.  Enrolled students of San Lorenzo Unified School District have accounts to online versions of Office being used in the classroom.  Families download Microsoft Office 365 on home computer, laptop, and/or smartphone.  Please note:  Uninstall any previous version(s) of Office before downloading the online version(s). 

Students can go to and log in. [Click here for more guidance

Google for Students

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) - Every student in grades 2-12 and every staff member has a GAFE account that gives students and teachers 24/7 access to their files and tools used in the classroom via internet access. (more)

New Online/Video Resources

Digital media is an excellent way to introduce and reinforce concepts for students and increase engagement in the classroom.  As of October 1st the District enabled access to YouTube hosted educational video resources for use in the classroom.  [more]

Aeries Family Portal

San Lorenzo USD uses the Aeries Student Information System (SIS).  Each stakeholder group accesses Aeries with appropriate rights through a specific portal to meet their needs. Students and parent-guardians) can access Aeries data through the website or by downloading the Aeries app on their SmartPhone.  It is their one-stop-shop for attendance and grades.  In August, parent-guardians should complete data confirmation (online portion of registration) through the Aeries Parent Portal. (more)

San Lorenzo Unified School District's Technology Plan provides details about the goals, objectives, and strategies for educational technology integration.

Technology Tools for Families

NEW!!! - Chromebook Adoption Fairs

Tech Integration at Home
In the span of five years, San Lorenzo Unified School District went from zero to 10,000+ Chromebooks and totally upgraded their home-to-school communication services.  Students really need access to technology at home to continue learning.  Parents and guardians need to check their email every day to fully support their students.  Hundreds of Chromebooks being retired because they can no longer hold a charge all day (no problem at home) and their track pads are starting to slow down (no problem if you have a mouse).


San Lorenzo USD is launching site-based, student-led Chromebook Adoption Fairs so families can adopt retired Chromebooks.

Chromebook Adoption Process

Schools host Chromebook Adoption Fairs (CBAF) where certified student experts will prepare families to adopt a retired Chromebook.  Families register online to attend the CBAF.  Families check in at the CBAF, pay a one-time $10 adoption fee, and complete the six (6) adoption information sessions.  Families must bring proof of Internet or sign up for $10/month Internet.  Families take home their adopted retired CB at the end of the fair.
Student-led Chromebook Adoption Fairs have been scheduled at the following schools so retired Chromebooks can go to good homes and extend their useful life:
  • Elementary Schools: Bay, Colonial Acres, Covallis, Dayton, Del Rey, Grant, Hesperian, Hillside, Lorenzo Manor
  • Middle Schools: Bohannon Middle School, Edendale Middle School
  • High Schools: San Lorenzo