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Summer STREAM-GX Challenge

Make this a summer of learning for you and your family!
Participate in a fun, totally personalized summer challenge for the entire San Lorenzo Unified Community. Challenge sheets are available in English, Spanish and Chinese in print (ask for one at the school office or the Technology Integration Services Department at the District Office) or online. Download a fillable PDF in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Choose Your  Level of Participation

You can design and take on just one challenge, a few challenges, or all 6 challenges.  You can even take it to the next level by completing the G and or X factors.  Here's how it works:
  1. Choose a category and design your learning challenge. You can pick a theme to tie your challenges together.
    1. S for science
    2. T for technology
    3. R for reading
    4. E for empathy
    5. A for arts
    6. M for mathematics
  2. Add-on to your levels by adding:
    1. Global Challenge: learn 100 words in a language that is not spoken in your home.
    2. X-pression Challenge: Create a poster, video, animation, webpage, etc. to add your voice to an important message.

Spread the Word...Share the Challenge

  • Challenge Yourself
    • Set interesting challenges for yourself
    • Welcome newcomers by including them and supporting them with their challenge
    • Serve as a Challenge Brainstorm Facilitator to help others and facilitate partnerships
  • Challenge Friends and Families
    • Make the STREAM GX Challenge go viral! 
    • Partner with others on more complex challenges
    • Learn as a family. Parents count as bonus participants and working on challenges as a family makes the learning even more fun! 


Have Fun, Get Competitive, Get Creative

  • Initiate a little friendly competition
  • Show off collectible brag tags (principals can order these from TIS at no charge)
  • Keep your eyes open for other incentive programs