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Web & Social Media Policy

District Board Policy BP 4040.2 


adopted on May 5, 2020


To enhance communication with students, parents/guardians, staff, community members, and the public at large, the Board of Trustees encourages the development and ongoing maintenance of District and school web and social media sites on the Internet. Web and social media sites shall support the educational vision of the District and shall be consistent with the District's plans for communications. 


Web and Social Media Site Access

    • The District's web and social media sites are created for the express purpose of disseminating district educational and administrative information. The District maintains full authority to regulate and limit access to its website and social media sites, which are the property of the District and are closed forums. As a closed forum, the District reserves the right to regulate the content of items posted so that they are consistent with the educational purpose of the District. By creating these official sites and allowing for public comment, the Board does not intend to create a limited public forum or otherwise guarantee an individual's right to free speech.
    • Individuals wishing to post items on the District or school web or social media sites shall submit such items to the site or department administrator, who will determine whether, and in what format, to post such items, based on adopted District standards. Staff, students, and other individuals may not post items on District or school web or social media sites without the consent of the designated administrator unless there is a space designated for such postings.  Designated Supervisor Agreement, AR4040.2 must by on file for designated Web and Social Media supervisors.

Content of Web Sites

    • The Superintendent or designee shall develop guidelines regarding the content of District and school web and social media sites which shall include standards for the ethical and responsible use of information and technology.  These guidelines shall be consistent with law, Board policy and administrative regulations.
    • The Superintendent or designee may establish standards for the design of District and school web and social media sites in order to maintain a consistent identity, professional appearance, and ease of use.
    • District and school web and social media sites shall not include content which is obscene, libelous or slanderous, or which creates a clear and present danger of inciting students to commit unlawful acts on school premises, violate school rules or substantially disrupt the school's orderly operation.
    • Any links to external sites shall follow the same guidelines applicable to District and school web and social media sites.
    • The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that copyright laws are not violated in the use of material on District or school web and social media sites.

Protection of Privacy Rights

    • The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that web and social media site content protects the privacy rights of students, parents/guardians, staff, Board members and other individuals.
    • The district regards photographs as a category of directory information that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Therefore, a student's photograph, together with his/her name, may be published on district or school web sites unless the student's parent/guardian has notified the district in writing to not release the student's photograph without prior written consent.
    • District and school web and social media sites shall not post the home address or personal telephone number of any elected official, staff member, or appointed official without prior written permission of that individual.
    • No public safety official shall be required to consent to the posting on the Internet of his/her photograph or identity as a public safety officer for any purpose if that officer reasonably believes that the disclosure may result in a threat, harassment, intimidation, or harm to the officer or his/her family. (Government Code 3307.5)



DIstrict Administrative Regulations 4040.4 (a) 


adopted on May 5, 2020

1.0  Introduction

    • The availability of Internet access in San Lorenzo Unified School District (SLZUSD) provides an opportunity for students and staff to contribute to the school district’s presence on the World Wide Web. The district’s Internet system has a specific educational purpose and is not a public access service or a public forum. The district has the right to place restrictions on use to ensure that the use of the system is in accordance with its specific educational purpose and meets state compliance standards.
    • SLZUSD’s public Website, school, teacher, program, and department Websites (hereinafter referred to as” Websites”) provide information to the world about SLZUSD. Web authors need to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the following policies and responsibilities and also acknowledge SLZUSD’s Board Policy BP 4040(a) District and School Websites. Failure to follow these policies or responsibilities may result in the loss of authoring privileges and/or other more stringent disciplinary measures.
    • Due to the evolving nature of technology and the Internet, it is acknowledged that SLZUSD’s Web Guidelines and Publishing Standards will require future amendment.  Web authors are required to familiarize themselves with any updates to this administrative regulation.

2.0 Website and Social Media Content Standards

    • The district maintains full authority to regulate and control content on Websites and Social Media channels that it owns. No Website or Social Media channel shall exist without the prior approval of the elected administrator who will oversee production and ensure that web standards are met. Use of the district’s system is a privilege, not a right; thus, the district Webmaster may take appropriate action if inappropriate materials are found on any online communication site or channel that the district owns. Concern about the content of any Websites or Social Media posting should be directed to the appropriate administrator or district Technology Integration Services Department. All subject matter on district Websites or Social Media channels should relate to curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, the school district, or the schools within the district and other similar information that is appropriate and of interest to the community.

3.0 Design and Post Guidelines

    • Websites are the property of the school district.  The district reserves the right to access and monitor, as it deems appropriate, all content.
    • Websites may not be hosted on free or outside service providers.
    • No advertising is permitted on Websites.
    • SLZUSD does not host non-district Websites on its Web servers.
    • Each Website must contain certain elements that will provide general consistency across the district.
    • Websites should be clearly identified by name and as part of SLZUSD.
    • The physical address and contact numbers should be displayed on the homepage.
    • Websites should contain a link to the SLZUSD’s public Website on the homepage: 
    • SLZUSD’s official logo shall be displayed at least once on the homepage.
    • The homepage should have the appropriate Webmaster’s email address annotated.
    • An indication of the date of the last update to that page should be located at the bottom of each major webpage.
    • Websites may not contain links to web pages or Websites that are under construction.
    • Material placed on Websites is expected to meet academic standards of proper spelling, grammar, and accuracy of information.
    • Documents may not contain objectionable material or link to objectionable material.
    • Clickable or active links to outside organizations other than those authorized by SLZUSD are not permitted.  (Refer to Section 6)
    • Clickable or active links to PTA, Booster and Foundation Websites are permitted provided that SLZUSD’s external links disclaimer is posted on the homepage. (Refer to Section 6)
    • Websites may not provide recommendations or links to chat rooms unless comments are reviewed and moderated by reputable organizations and the site provides services for specific educational purposes. Moderated bulletin and chalkboards will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Technology Integration Services Department.
    • Aerial photographs, campus and classroom layout plans may not be published.  A representative photo of the school is acceptable.
    • SLZUSD employees must give permission for their photographs to be published.
    • Personal information shall be limited to a brief biographical statement and picture. Prior to posting any personal information or Directory Information, as defined in the Annual Notice to Parents, it should be confirmed that a student has not opted out of having such information disclosed.
    • Information posted on Websites must be accurate and fair and should not harm the reputation of any individual.
    • While student success and achievement may be recognized on Websites, it should never be done in a manner that demeans or embarrasses individuals, groups, classes or schools that strive for similar recognition.
    • Websites utilized by students are required to insert the following disclaimer on webpages that contain links to outside Websites: The links on this page connect students to resources, which are recommended because of their educational content and value. Students are not intended to visit pages beyond the specific links provided.  
    • Parent written permission must be obtained prior to publishing a student’s work product on Websites. 
    • Group photos, where a student, who has opted out of disclosing Directory Information, face is clearly recognizable, may not be used. Otherwise, group photos are permissible.
    • No student email address may be posted on Websites.
    • Published e-mail addresses are restricted to staff members or group email addresses.
    • The authorized webmaster or administrator will edit and test final pages for accuracy of links, and check for conformance with standards outlined in this policy.
    • Only SLZUSD employees may be authorized to access district servers to upload additions or changes.

4.0 Web Accessibility Standards for Users with Disabilities

    • In accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, district and school websites shall contain features that ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities, which may include, but are not limited to:
    • Captions for videos and multimedia presentations
    • Support for text browsers
    • “Alt” tags (Alternative Text) to graphic images so that screen readers can
    • Identify the graphic
    • Contact email address for further information
    • Links to photographs and images should contain descriptive text
    • A provision of sufficient time to use the content
    • Avoidance of flashing images
    • Adequate contrast in visual presentations and/or
    • Other features that meet applicable standards for web site accessibility.
    • The Superintendent or designee shall regularly review district and school web sites and modify them as needed to ensure legal compliance with accessibility standards.

5.0 SLZUSD Policies

    • All documents posted must conform to the Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy as well as established guidelines. Copies of Board Policy BP 4040(a) District and School Websites are available in all school offices and online. Persons developing or maintaining Websites are responsible for complying with these and other policies. Some of the relevant issues and related board policies include the following:
    • Electronic transmission of materials is a form of copying. As specified in district policy, no unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may be knowingly produced or transmitted using the district’s equipment. Students and staff are permitted to download text, images, sound, and movie files from the Internet for student projects, but cannot re-post those images online without permission from the author.
    • Any links or documents on Websites must relate to curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, and other similar information that is appropriate and of interest to the community, or it should relate to SLZUSD, or the schools within the district. Content will comply with the AR 4040(a) Employee Responsible Technology Use, AR 5147(a) Internet Filtering and Safety policy, and BP 4040.2 (a) Web and Social Media Usage.
    • All Website communications will comply with the AR 4040(a) Employee Responsible Technology Use and AR 4040.2(a) Web & Social Media Usage.  Offensive material that is expressly prohibited by this policy includes, but is not limited to, material that is disparaging of others such that it may create a hostile  work or educational environment based on race, sex, national origin, sexual  orientation, age, disability, religion, or political beliefs; material that is pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit; material that is deemed to be  confidential student or employee information; material that violates any state or  federal law; material that is libelous, slanderous, gang-related, or incites students or  staff so as to create a substantial disruption to the orderly operations of the district  or creates a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on school  premises or violation of school rules and regulations.
    • Any deliberate tampering with or misuse of district network services or equipment will be handled in accordance with the district’s AR 4040(a) Employee Responsible Technology Use and other Board Policies and Administrative Regulations.
    • Any original work is automatically copyrighted, even if the author or artist is a five-year-old kindergarten student. Parents must consent to displaying their child’s copyrighted work.

6.0 Guideline for PTA, Booster and Foundation

Website General:

    • PTA, Booster and Foundation website links are permitted at the discretion of the Superintendent of designee in the SLZUSD’s public website but only if they provide benefits and services to all schools in the district.
    • Links to school associated PTA, Booster and Foundation websites are permitted solely at the discretion of the principal or designee.
    • Clickable or active links to PTA, Booster and Foundation websites are permitted   provided that SLZUSD’s external links disclaimer is posted on the homepage.
    • The PTA, Booster and Foundation websites shall include the following external links disclaimer: ATTENTION: The San Lorenzo Unified School District (SLZUSD) does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content that may be present within external Websites linked to and from this site that are operated or created by or for organizations outside of the SLZUSD.  The linking to or from this site does not imply on the part of the SLZUSD or any of its schools any guarantee of quality, assumption of liability or endorsement of the organizations maintaining external Websites. Those organizations are solely responsible for the operation of their Website and quality of the content, including advertisements, links, media, images and text that they may deem appropriate.