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Legislative statute requires that local public agencies provide a public report of the receipt and use of all developer fees each fiscal year. This posting is a public notice that the Developer Fee Report for the San Lorenzo Unified School District is now available for public review on its website (Business Services, Developer Fees) and at its Business Services office located at 15510 Usher Street, San Lorenzo, CA 94580.


California Government Code section 66006 requires that the annual accounting of the Developer Fees be reviewed by the Board of Trustees at its next regularly scheduled board meeting held no earlier than 15 days after the information is made available to the public. This information is being made available to the public on Wednesday, November 29th, 2023. It will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees of the San Lorenzo Unified School District at its meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th, 2023. The public is welcome to attend.


Any interested parties can obtain a copy of the report by contacting Della Hsiao, Executive Assistant via email at [email protected] or phone at (510) 317-4641.



Click here to view the report.



In 1986, the California Legislature authorized school districts to levy impact or developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development for the purpose of funding the construction or reconstruction of school facilities.  The basis of the school facilities legislation is the relationship between new development, and the impact on school districts to provide adequate school facilities for the student population new development generates.  The authority for the District's assessment of developer fees is set forth in Education Code Section 17620.
Government Code Section 65852.2 effective January 1, 2020, amends how impact or development fees can be levied on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) under 750 square feet.  However, this law expressly applies only to cities, counties, water districts, and special districts. School districts do not fall into any of these categories.
Rates (effective 10/1/2023)
Residential (> 500 sq. ft.)                                               $4.79/sq. ft.
Commercial (any square footage)                              $0.78/sq. ft.
Rental Self Storage                                                            $0.04/sq. ft.
Residential construction less than 500 sq. ft.
Development used exclusively for the following:
religious purposes
 private schools
 government owned and occupied property
500 square feet and over                                              $4.79/sq. ft.
Acceptable forms of payment 
Cashiers Check or Money Order only made payable to San Lorenzo USD.
Please note, we do not accept personal checks, business checks, or credit cards.
To obtain further information or to schedule an appointment to pay a Developer Fee please contact Joanne Andrade at [email protected] or call 510-317-4634.