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Welcome to Elementary Education in San Lorenzo Unified School District!

The Office of Elementary Education plans and oversees curriculum development, professional development and student achievement at the elementary schools in the San Lorenzo Unified School District. It is our goal to provide the highest level of education to all students in the district in an effort to close the achievement gap and extend learning opportunities to all students.

Equity in the San Lorenzo Unified School district is acknowledging historical biases and changing the way they are addressed in terms of closing the achievement gap. We define our approach to the work of equity as providing for each student the academic, emotional and social supports needed to increase the achievement of underperforming subgroups at an accelerated rate while additionally increasing overall student performance.

Recent projects in elementary education include:

  • We are committed to in-depth training for all principals and elementary teachers regarding educational equity, racial bias and its impact on student achievement, and leading schools with an equity lens.  Our declaration of Anti-Bias Education speaks to our commitment to improving the conditions students find themselves in at our Elementary Schools. Click here to see the document: Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education
  • All elementary schools have preschool programs housed on their campuses during the school year. All elementary school sites are also participating in the Sobrato Early Academic Literacy (SEAL) program, which is a comprehensive approach PreK-3, with a focus on language development.
  • Professional development on engaging classroom instruction, our Balanced Literacy program, and learning more about the Common Core State Standards in Science and Math.
  • Implementation of standards-based instruction in all subject areas and monitoring of classroom practices.

Employee Directory

Kimberly Noble (510) 317-4726 Director, Elementary Education
Melissa Martinez (510) 317-4726 Administrative Assistant

Professional Development Opportunities

Current Professional Development topics include:

  • Training and support for all administrators and staff in our Equity Mission initiatives, including Restorative Practices and our Anti Bias Framework.
  • Improvement of collaboration and teamwork and creating inclusive communities
  • Training to support the first year of the new Science Curriculum adoption.
  • Continued work on Mathematics professional development for teachers, with a focus on implementing our recently adopted math curriculum.
  • Continued coaching and follow up support for all elementary staff on programs for multilingual learners. Providing opportunities for improving English Language Acquisition is key to both staff development and student learning. Our Coordinator of English Learner Programs has organized an extensive professional development program for teachers using SEAL Strategies and EL Achieve, to enrich the curriculum and delivery of English Language Development.
  • Continued analysis of the effectiveness of our  MTSS/COST/RTI-Response to Intervention program, which has been established at each school. This three-tiered approach to intervention is intended to provide research-based instructional practices based on learner needs. The key to RTI is early intervention and ongoing progress monitoring. These focus areas address key needs elementary schools have in dealing with equity issues and improving student learning. 
  • Continued focus on classroom equity practices designed to increase student engagement
  • Research-based instructional strategies