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The Mission of the Educational Services Department is to promote student achievement and engagement for all students in Transitional Kindergarten through High School in San Lorenzo Unified School District.  We support quality academic programs through research based curriculum and professional development.  Our Department offers specific support to the model of Balanced Literacy and Language, as well as the model of Academic Discourse. We ensure and encourage parent engagement through multiple opportunities for involvement.  We also provide support for each school to increase the efficacy of teaching and support staff. Lastly, we ensure adequate oversight and monitoring for state and federal programs through multiple systems of assessment.

Administrative Staff

Bloch, Neal (510) 317-4759 Director, Data, Assessment & Inquiry
Denton, Judie (510) 317-4714 Coordinator, Grants and Compliance
Lama, Renee (510) 317-4758 Director, Secondary Education
Patrick, Robert (510) 317-4734 Coordinator, English Learner Programs
Pineda, Olga (510) 317-4674 Coordinator, SLC/College & Career
Noriega, Tracie (510) 317-4712 Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Noble, Kimberly (510) 317-4726 Director, Elementary Education

Educational Services Staff

Archibald, Kay (510) 317-4712      Executive Assistant    
Beles, Sylvia (510) 317-4711  Administrative Assistant    
Casey, Megan 510-317-4752  Library Media Technician    
Feng, Carrie (510) 317-4709  District Translator/Interpreter    
Harper, Anneka (510) 317-4707  Teacher Induction Program Liaison    
Huerta, Angelica (510) 317-4710  Administrative Assistant    
Rodriguez, Erika (510) 317-4701  District Translator/Interpreter    
Distance Learning Plan--Spring 2020

 During this period of distance learning during the 2019-2020 school year, San Lorenzo Unified School District is committed to  supporting students to continue their learning, and to reducing the negative impact of school closures on our students’ educational progress. These efforts cannot possibly replicate the rich variety of experiences that we offer on our campuses, and many aspects of the SLZUSD experience will be lost during these closures. 


In addition, distance learning in a time of global health uncertainty will be impacted by a variety of factors, including: 


    • Families’ access to technology devices and the internet 
    • Caregivers’ ongoing ability to provide guidance, supervision, and support to students, and especially to young students 
    • That prolonged use of technology by young students (age 4-8) is developmentally inappropriate, and can be challenging for all people, including students and staff 
    • The health of students, families, teachers and support staff, given some health experts state that 60% of California residents are expected to become ill from COVID-19 in the coming months 
    • Restrictions on in-person support for students due to Shelter-in-Place orders from state and local health officials, and social distancing and self-quarantine expectations during this pandemic 
    • Limitations in access to physical and mental health resources, given the developing shortage of access to the healthcare system 


The District has been operating a distance learning plan for the last month that consists of work packets and online work provided by teachers that is ungraded, while we simultaneously work to ensure that students have technology access. Beginning the week of April 20th, the district will be converting to a Distance Learning Platform.


A copy of our district's Distance Learning Plan can be found here:

Education Code and Policies for Parents/Guardians

  • Annual Notice to Parents.pdf
  • Discipline: an informational brochure for parents and students.pdf
  • Annual Notice to Parents - Spanish.pdf
  • Discipline: an informational brochure for parents and students - Spanish.pdf
  • No Smoking Policy - Spanish.pdf