State and Federal Programs

The Department of State and Federal Programs is Responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal entitlement grants,by providing guidance in understanding, interpreting and applying information to improve instructional programs.
  • Disseminating grant and funding allocations. 
  • Reviewing and processing grant requests for department and school sites. 
  • Providing evaluations to comply with state and federal funding and program guidelines to district administrators with timely reports to the California Department of Education.

For more information about State and Federal Programs, please contact the following Educational Services Department members:

Title 1: Yaelan Wong, Coordinator of Grants and Compliance-- or call at 510-317-4714 Learn more about State and Federal programs 

Title 3: Robert Patrick, Coordinator of  English Learner [email protected], or call at 510-317-4734

After School & Safety Education Program (ASES), Private Schools, Yaelan Wong, Coordinator of Grants and Compliance [email protected] or call 510-317-4714

Homeless/Families in Transition Program Dr. Ammar Saheli, Director of Student Support Services, [email protected] or call at (510) 317-4774 

State and Federal Programs Staff

Yaelan Wong (510) 317-4714 Coordinator, Grants and Compliance
Angelica Huerta (510) 317-4710 Administrative Assistant

After School Programs

Schools in the San Lorenzo Unified School District have a variety of after school programs that are school or community sponsored or state and federally funded. Examples of after school programs include after school sports, on-site care programs, homework clubs, Boys and Girls club, the QUAD program and other clubs at the high school level based on interest groups. Please contact your child's school for more detailed information on after school program options available on campus and how to enroll.

After School Care Programs (Elementary)

Bay Elementary, Corvallis Elementary, Del Rey Elementary, Grant Elementary--Adventure Time

Dayton Elementary--None at this time


State Funded After School Programs

ASES Program Locations:

Colonial Acres Elementary School, Hesperian Elementary, Hillside Elementary, Lorenzo Manor Elementary--Boys and Girls Club

Edendale Middle School--QUAD Program


Information about the state and federal program evaluation can be provided upon request. Please contact the Educational Services Department at 317-4700.

Additional Information

Additional information about state and federal grants is available at California Department of Education at:

More About State and Federal Programs in SLZUSD

The State and Federal Programs office provides technical assistance to School Site Councils and site principals on how to best construct their Single Plan for Student Achievement. 
In addition, it provides District support for plan development, implementation, compliance supervision, and grant writing for a variety of areas.
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