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Aeries Data Confirmation

Data Confirmation

Data Confirmation

All families (new and continuing) are required to complete the Data Confirmation process at the beginning of each school year to ensure we have the most current contact information and for the District to provide all legally required annual notifications.

The Data Confirmation process must be completed by every family through the Family Portal. A reminder communication is sent to all enrolled families about this process at the end of June, and another reminder will go out to all enrolled families on July 31st. The Family Portal will be accessible to families on August 1st.

After families complete the Data Confirmation process, class schedules and teacher assignments will be accessible on August 13, 4:00 PM.

Online Data Confirmation (Required)

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**Note: Login to the Aeries Family Portal using the welcome email you received. If you forgot your password please click on 'forgot password' after entering your email on record. If you continue to have issues please contact your Office Manager at your school site to look at your account.

Data Confirmation using the Aeries Family Portal saves time and gets students in the system much more quickly. 

Step 1: Complete Online Packet

  1. Log in to Aeries Family Portal between August 1st -September 30 using your email on record and the password that was provided to you. (If you did not receive email, go to the login page and click "forgot password.")
  2. Update and verify information in steps 1-3 information.
  3. Download and read the September packet information in step 4 (or download them from this page ahead of time). Print and sign the Signature Form.  Bring to onsite Data Confirmation.
  4. Give permissions and authorizations in step 5.
  5. Submit final confirmation in step 6.
  6. (optional) Select another student to repeat the process for other children in your family.
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Step 2: Onsite Data Confirmation

Attend your child's onsite event and bring the Signature Form (extra forms are available onsite) and any requested forms of verification.

Data Confirmation Documents

Last Updated: 8/10/23

Families may access the following September Packet documents through the Aeries Family Portal or by clicking on the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Data Confirmation through the Aeries Family Portal.

Aeries Family Portal accounts are created automatically when your site enters your email address into the Aeries Student Information System.

After Aeries generates the account, you will receive an email with your temporary password.

If you're using a computer, go to Aeries Family Portal and login with your email address and temporary password.  You can also download the Aeries app and login with your email address and temporary password.

Students in middle and high school received Aeries Family Portal account information through Gmail.

We can only provide these services to you if we have your email address on file. Your email address will only be used for school business and will not be sold to marketers. If you do not currently have an email address, we encourage you to create an account. 

All families who had email addresses on file in the Aeries Student Information System received an email with their account information.

Please call the school office immediately to share your email address with your child's school(s).

If you forgot your password or cannot locate the email, go to the Aeries Family Portal.  Login with the email address you think is on file and choose the "Forgot password" option to reset the password.

If your email is not found in the system, please call the school office immediately to share your email address with your child's school.

The District has a fully-Spanish Aeries Parent Portal.

Parent-guardians should select the language they need the directions in.  All documents will only be available in English and Spanish for now.

From the top right corner of the login screen, choose the drop down menu to change the language.

Each school site has computers available for parent-guardian use in the office.

Most schools will have a cart of Chromebooks available during onsite registration day. No login is needed.

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