Personnel Commission

Personnel Commissioners

Marvin Kingdon, Chair

Allison Downs, Vice Chair

Connie Hill, Member



Randy R. Perez, Director, Classified Personnel 

Heidi Kaye, Human Resources Analyst - Classified

Michelle Schofield, Human Resources Analyst - Classified

VACANT, Human Resources Technician



July 2021 the Personnel Commission is in Recess

Wednesday, August 11th

Wednesday, September 8th

Wednesday, October 13th

Wednesday, November 10th

Wednesday, December 8th

Wednesday, January 12th

Wednesday, February 9th

Wednesday, March 9th

Wednesday, April 13th

Wednesday, May 11th

Wednesday, June 8th


Unless otherwise announced, Personnel Commission meetings will be held at 4:30 p.m. in the San Lorenzo School District Board Room located at:


        San Lorenzo Unified School District Office

                           15510 Usher Street

                       San Lorenzo, CA 94580