Special Services



The Special Services Department is committed to inclusiveness, diversity, and equity.  We will provide students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) based on their unique needs and abilities in collaboration with staff, families, and community. Our goal is to give students the tools they need to  reach their highest level of school success, and become civically engaged advocates for equity and social justice for our changing community and world.   




Our students will be active members of our school community with a clear understanding of themselves, their needs, and identities.
Transportation for 2024/2025
If your child is eligible for Special Education Transportation per their IEP,
Please click on the Yellow School Bus to Enroll!
Enroll by 06/30/24 to avoid delay at the beginning of the School Year!
(Note: This is for Special Education Only. If you qualify for this service, it is listed on your student's IEP)
speical education transportation link
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