Special Services

The Special Services Department coordinates Special Education programs provided to students who have been identified with special needs.   We are responsible for the implementation of special education and  student health services. 

It is our goal to provide students with special needs a free and appropriate public education through student-focused collaboration between parents and district staff.  It is the commitment of this office to ensure that students with disabilities have access to a continuum of services while being educated with non-disabled peers to the maximum extent possible.   Our goal is to provide the individual tools for students to reach their highest level of achievement and school success.

Students with disabilities, regardless of their educational needs, will be an active member of a school community which will actively promote and foster positive attitudes toward acceptance of all students.

San Lorenzo Unified School District

Parent Engagement Workshops


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9:00 am - 10:00 am

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Rochelle Hooks

Director of Special Services                            

Email: rhooks@slzusd.org 

Phone: 510 317-4769

FAX: 510 481-9910  


Meghan Aguilar

Administrative Assistant

Email: maguilar@slzusd.org

Phone: 510 317-4761

FAX: 510 481-9910


Special Services Staff Directory


Chael Abulencia, Student Records

Norma Perez, Health Services