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Inter District Transfers

The Inter-District Transfer Application process is used for students coming in from or going to another district - transferring from one district into or out of San Lorenzo Unified. Inter-District Transfer Applications (for the following school year) can be submitted to the Office of Student Support Services starting March 1 of each year.

If your children were attending San Lorenzo schools and your family had to move out of the area, please follow the process outlined below. If you become homeless or move in with another family due to hardships, please review the additional information regarding the Federal McKinney-Vento Law found HERE.


If you live outside of the San Lorenzo Unified School District and want your student to attend a San Lorenzo Unified School District school, you must:   


1) Go to the District Office of your resident school district to request an Inter-district Transfer form, or find form online.

2) Follow directions for submitting form to your resident school district

3) The resident school district must approve the transfer.

4) If the resident school district approves the transfer, it is emailed to the Department of Student Support Services at the San Lorenzo Unified School District where a determination to grant the transfer will be made. There must be a valid reason and space available before Inter-district transfers are approved


If you live inside San Lorenzo Unified District and you want your child to attend school in another district, you must:


1) Come to the San Lorenzo Unified Student Support Services offices to request an Inter-district Transfer form, or print form online.

2) Submit the form in person, by mail, or via email

  • Mail it to the district office at 15510 Usher St. San Lorenzo, CA 94580 ATTN: Student Support Services Department or Maria Camarillo.
  • Or you may scan the application and email it to

    [email protected]

3)You will receive confirmation that your application was received.

4)This transfer must first be approved by the San Lorenzo School District. It will then be emailed to the requested school district for consideration. There must be a valid reason and space available before Inter-district transfers are approved.


  • To appeal a decision, contact Maria Camarillo at

    [email protected]

    or (510) 317-4774 make an appointment with the Director of Student Support Services
  • Due to AB 2444 annual IDA renewal is no longer required, but student progress will be checked several times during the school year and students/families found out of compliance with district policy and standards will receive a letter revoking the IDA. Any IDA revoked after April 1, will be for the following school year.
  • All students/families in transition years (5th to 6th grade and 8th to 9th grade), must renew their Inter District Applications.
  • If you are moving to another school district, please notify your student's current school. The current school will inform you of the check out process. The new school will write to the old school for the student records when you register your student at the new school.


See the links below for the applications in English and Spanish.

Fillable forms are best downloaded and completed on a computer or may be printed and completed by hand