Health & Wellness Advisory Council

Purpose:  The Health & Wellness Advisory Council recognizes the link between student health and learning, and will collaborate with District and community partners in providing educational programs and promoting healthy eating, physical activity, recycling, gardening and overall health.  The Council will recommend policies, practices and accountability systems to ensure students, staff and families live, learn and work in a healthy environment and support wellness throughout our schools and community.   

Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes:


Diana Maravilla, Facilitator, Health and Wellness Coordinator

Amy Capurro, Director of Special Services

Rachel Gekas, Director of Child Nutrition

Sam Medina, Board Member

Kyla Sinegal, Board Member

Doug Marr, Director MOT

Don Carpenter, Principal                   

Claudia McDonagh, Teacher

Mimi Dean, Teacher            

Patty Tikotsky, Teacher

Vickie Larsen, Para

Michelle Schofield

Sandra Frost, Community Partner

Kate Casale, Community Partner

Aaron Freitas, Community Partner