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Site Based Elementary School Aftercare Programs

Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 School Year Expanded Learning After School Program!
School-Specific Information (If a Site Program Director position is still vacant, please call 510-483-5581 for additional information.)

BGCSL will NOT be able to give specific information as to when p specific children will be accepted off of the waitlist. If your child’s application is still currently waitlisted, it is possible that they may be accepted into the program at some point in the school year. 

Please also keep in mind all providers have to follow California Department of Education's instructions around student to staff ratios and safety (20:1 for 1st-5th, and 10:1 for TK/K ). There are also requirements from CDE for all Expanded Learning Programs statewide regarding how to prioritize enrollment. BGCSL must adhere to certain priorities according to the grant. The following is a list of the priority order should there be a space available.

  • 1st: Students who are low-income, foster, homeless, refugee or asylum seekers, and newcomers. The District has supplied BGCSL with a list of students who meet these grant qualifications.
  • 2nd: Students of SLZUSD Employees
  • 3rd: Date of Registration
  • 4th: Lottery (if a tiebreaker is necessary)

We encourage everyone to share the BGCSL Staffing Recruitment Flyer or the following link HERE with your networks to recruit additional after-school program staff as quickly as possible.