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Budget Reduction Process

About the Budget Reduction Process

In June, 2017, the Board of Education established the need for a Budget Reduction Task Force (BRTF), which was to convene during the Fall of 2017, and present a list of recommendations to be considered as part of a comprehensive budget reduction analysis. This work has been done as a result of several factors: 1) declining student enrollment; 2) increased required expenditures for employee retirement benefits; and 3) increased required expenditures in serving students with special needs. These factors contribute to a budget shortfall in the coming years.

A multi-stakeholder committee of representatives from certificated and classified staff, management, parents, board members and one student have completed this analysis. Surveys of management staff and all stakeholders contributed to the initial reduction list. The group embarked on a prioritization of this list, and has been narrowed down over the past three months. The group has created two lists: Tier 1 is a list of unanimous reduction recommendations that all stakeholder groups have agreed to. Tier 2 is the remaining items from the original list, with indicators of the level of support from the different stakeholder groups. 


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