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What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a web based visual communication platform utilizing design, webpage, and video formats to easily create and share visual stories for SLZ students and teachers. Adobe Spark is built with extra safeguards and workflows that will make it easier to bring powerful storytelling and digital literacy tools into the classroom. 


From preschoolers making their own video stories using their own drawings and voice, to middle schoolers turning in research papers that resemble magazine-quality web pages, to clubs and sports teams sharing eye-catching posts on social media.


Logging in

Adobe Spark for Education ties into existing school login options – Google’s G Suite for Education, Microsoft’s Office 365, etc. Students log into Adobe Spark just as they do any other apps. Logins are used to sync content across devices as well as to backup content to our cloud storage.


Step 1

To log in, type into your URL Box at the top of your browser. Then choose Log in with School Account.

Adobe Spark Logging in - Step 1


Step 2

For the sign in option, choose continue with Google and use [email protected] account.

Adobe Spark Logging in - Step 2


Step 3

Choose  Enterprise ID. Once this has been selected  you will see your Adobe Spark dashboard.

Adobe Spark Logging in - Step 3

Training and Resources

Below list just a few of the resources available and more that can be found in Adobe Spark. Click to each to learn more.


How Do I Create New Content?

Distance Learning Resources & Project Ideas

Creating and Editing Images In Spark Page

How Do I Collaborate On Spark Projects?

Adobe Spark Tutorials



Teacher Technology Spotlight

The Teacher Technology Spotlight highlights an SLZUSD teacher who is a leader on his or her school campus in using technology to support academic content, enhance classroom instruction, amplify student voice, and meet the needs of every learner, everyday.

tina eng 

Tina comments: “If COVID-19 hadn’t happened, most likely I would have had students probably do it on paper... but after doing it with Adobe Spark, I'm not gonna go back to that…”  Watch Tina’s Full Story


Find available technology training with the Technology Professional Development team. Click here to see recent and upcoming PD’s.

Need additional help? Visit the Adobe Spark Support page

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