District Translation and Interpretation Services

Serving the language needs of our community: Requesting interpretation & translation support


Under the English Language Program, headed by Robert Patrick, Coordinator you can count on a team of three District Translators and Interpreters (DTIs):  Carrie Feng for Cantonese and Mandarin, Erika Rodriguez  for Spanish and Lynda Garcia whom you can contact for all needs in Chinese, Spanish and other languages.

The California Education Code states: “If 15% of students at a school site speak a single language other than English, all written notices, reports, statements, and records must be provided to parents in their primary language.” (Ed. Code 48985). Formal translations will be done at the District level, though school sites Bilingual Para Educators can translate short, informal, day to day matters.

To obtain interpretation services for district-wide meetings and events submit your request at least 1-2 weeks prior to the meeting date. Some sites submit their calendared dates for the year, so the earlier you submit it the better chance of service. Easiest way to contact the team is via email at [email protected].

  • For school site meetings or events (PTA/ELAC/SITE WORKSHOPS), administrators are encouraged to continue current practice. If an interpreter cannot be identified, please contact: Lynda Garcia further assistance.
  • Make sure your interpretation request communicates the exact meeting location, including room number/name, expected number of people in need of interpretation services, and if the use of interpretation equipment is required.
  • Confirm parent attendance within one business day in advance and, if they cannot attend, immediately notify the Translation Unit at 510-317-4740 to cancel service.  On-site cancellation is strongly discouraged.

Interpretation for Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. 

Depending on the complexity of an IEP, language needs may be covered by one of our trained bilingual staff members or you may request a District Interpreter (Spanish or Chinese). Just as these meetings are planned ahead, please schedule the need for an interpreter as soon possible.



  • What kinds of documents must be translated by the Language Translator/Interpreter Specialist?

The Language Translator/Interpreter must translate any document that is to be used in an official manner. This includes, but is not limited to, high stakes documents, documents that assure equal access to all programs and opportunities, documents with legal implications, and documents that require parent signatures.


  • Can the Bilingual Para Educators and/or Volunteers translate these documents?

No, unless proper documentation of qualified certification in translation/interpretation is on file at the District.


  • What kinds of translation/interpretation services can Bilingual Para Educators provide?

Bilingual Para Educators can provide assistance with basic home-school communications and school site meetings as needed. 


[email protected]  or fax 510-276-2127 please call 510-317-4740 to confirm it has been received.



Translation –  Written communication

Interpretation – Oral communication