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Interactive Instruction Websites

New technologies are moving beyond the interactive whiteboard to using interactive instruction for student learning, real time collaboration and feedback. The visual display of information is the most interesting and universal way to make it accessible to a wide audience.  The sites below are good starting points for teachers to transformation of their classrooms into interactive learning experiences for their students.

Learning is most effective when it is multimodal - when material is presented in multiple forms. Students benefit from having multiple means of accessing and interacting with material and expressing themselves in different ways.

Simulations and Demonstrations engage students in 'deep learning' when they see and actively participate in activities related to problem solving and investigation.

Illuminations - This interactive site has virtual math manipulatives that teachers and students can use for visual representations of math problems for all grade levels.

Virtual Labs simulations help students learn basic laboratory techniques and practice methods used by lab technicians and researchers in a variety of careers, using specific food science lab processes.

Virtual Chemistry Lab - This online simulation of a chemistry lab is designed to have students do experiments in a manner resembling a real lab. 

Collaboration - Simultaneous Writing - having students work simultaneous on a writing project can have many benefits: multiple brains are better than one, both for generating ideas and for getting a job done.

Google Docs - Google Apps for Education allows students to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and slideshows.  This interfaces with Google Classroom which allows teachers assign and comment on student projects.

Padlet - This site is similar to using post its on a board and teachers can use it to facilitate brainstorming, collaboration and ideas for projects. 

Feedback - Interactive Quizzes and Communication - It is important for students to know how well they are doing as they learn. This is because the knowledge that they are doing well gives students a sense of achievement which motivates them to learn more and remain actively engaged in the learning process. 

Kahoot! - Teachers create learning games which engages their students!  The students complete either individually or as teams as they review what they have learned in class.

Quizlet - The Quizlet platform enables teachers to create virtual flash cards which can be used to introduce new concepts and by students for reinforcement.

Socrative  - is a website that  teachers to engage and assess their students learning real time. Teachers can create and share quizzes and generate reports that show how their students are doing.


Have a site you'd like to suggest?  Let us know!  Please contact Sam Sakai-Miller for more information on using interactive instruction with your students.