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How to Access SLZUSD Chrome Apps

Web apps are typically websites that run within Chrome's browser.   Apps is short for applications and refers to a piece of software that can run on the computer, Internet, and smartphone.  An example Web app is Google Docs. It runs within the browser, doesn't require you to download additional software, and has its own user interface.  You can get apps from within  the Chrome Web Store, or Google Play for Education Store.  Technology Integration Services has made Google recommended Chrome apps for each grade level group accessible to all users in the Domain.  Chrome apps are available to users 24/7, any place they have access to the Internet, allowing continuous learning and skill development for our students.

Laptop or Desktop Computer Users:

Launch Chrome Browser
Open a new tab /window.

Locate the rainbow "waffle" in the upper left-hand corner.

Sign in with GAFE account: Student ID or

To get all the recommended apps for your group, click on the "Yes, Link Data" button to link to the district domain and watch the District apps load!


Chromebook Users:

Power up to login in using GAFE account: or
Student ID
Select the magnifying class on the lower left corner
The Chrome Apps launcher will populate with grade level apps.