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Blackboard Mass Notifications


What is Blackboard?

Communication is the foundation of effective parent and community engagement. SLZUSD uses Blackboard Mass Communication to send updates and alerts to everyone in our community. When using Blackboard Mass Communication, you can write a message once, select preferred communication methods, and publish it across your desired channels simultaneously. This kind of simplified messaging is critical for emergencies and necessary for everyday updates.


Login to Blackboard

Specific Accounts need to setup by Kay Archibald & relevant HR paperwork needs to be submitted prior
After initial login, a short training video will follow

On laptops and other devices with Internet access: Launch in the Chrome browser and go to URL  and log in with username and password. 

For the first time Username and login password contact and ongoing support:

Kay Archibald,  Executive Assistant

Educational Services


Fax: 510-276-2127


Blackboard Teacher Communication:
Teacher Parent Communication Training: How to Send a Message

Teachers should use Canvas as the primary tool for communicating with students and families. Teachers have taken advantage of various features such as announcements to provide regular updates to parents, calendars to highlight upcoming events and timely, personalized feedback on online assignments.

Blackboard-Teacher-to-parent Communication tool is also available in cases where direct email or text is required. Teachers can also use Aeries SIS; however, the features and functionality for communication are minimal and not recommended for regular parent and student communication.  Send personalized messages about academic progress using Blackboard Teacher Communication.  You'll have access to student information such as attendance, schedules, and assignments. Create and customize messages to send to recipients by phone, email, and text. 

To use Blackboard - please contact Kay Archibald for sign on information, once you log in as a teacher you will watch a video for further instructions. 

Blackboard Mass Notification(Admins):

Admin & Office Staff: Create and Send a Message for Parents & for District/Site Emergency Notifications

Create and customize messages to send to recipients by phone, email, and text. 

  1. From the Blackboard Communications HQ interface menu, select Messages > Send.
  2. Type the Subject for the topic of the message.
  3. Add Recipients, use a Saved Message to resend common messages, change the start time, or adjust many other options.
  4. Select one or more delivery methods from the main send message page to send to the recipients:

1 messages-administrators.png 
5. Include language translations by selecting Add Language, and select each language needed.
2 languages-selection.png  
You can set the message to be sent immediately with the proper language translations.
6. Select Send when ready to send the message.

Senders cannot cancel a message during its delivery, a message can only be canceled 5 minutes before the delivery is set to begin.

Reference the below training video to learn how to send a message through Blackboard Mass Notifications.

Training and Resources

Below list just a few of the resources available and more that can be found in the Blackboard Mass Notifications. Click to each to learn more. * Please note: some features and functionality in the reference materials are not featured SLZUSD subscribe to (example: we do not have all the features to send a message in different platforms)

Datapoint Decline 

Optimize & Target District Outreach 

Send Smore Newsletter 

Search for Recipients 

Cancel Messages 

Create and Send Surveys 

Find available technology training with the Technology Professional Development team. 

Need additional help? Click the Blackboard Help page below.
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