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Edlio is a software that houses all of the SLZUSD school web pages. Existing school staff can quickly update and edit pages, events, media, and alerts using a visual, intuitive interface that  easily integrates Microsoft and Google calendars. It is designed to be user friendly for those with little or no experience with web design and development.

*We encourage all to include a picture of themselves or an avatar of some kind, as well as a short biography of themselves.* 

Edlio for Educators

It is more important than ever to have your presence as a teacher up on your school site page to maintain connections to your students and student families and see what is going on with their classes.  You can also integrate your Google Classroom, and other rubrics or assignments.

Getting Started on your Edlio Teacher Page.

Edlio for Webmasters

Our School website plays a key role in reaching out to students, parents and the community. One of the best ways to ensure that your audience stays engaged with your site is through regular content updates. Read all the tips for returning webmasters to learn more. Also, if you are brand new to Edlio account, read our tips for new webmasters.

Get an overview of how to navigate to and post content on your website in the following areas:


News & Alerts Calendar Categories & Sections Pages


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Need additional help? Visit the Edlio Help Center.

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