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SLZUSD now has a new product, Securly Classroom, that can be used by teachers to monitor, push out urls, lock screens, lock sites, control tabs, and view the screens of your students during your synchronous class time. You can find Securly Classroom in Canvas.


Learn how to Run a Class Session with Securly Classroom:



Main Features of Securly

While the main purpose is to monitor for suspicious activity, Securly can also be used for classroom management. Discover in the PDF below the main features of Securly Classroom.

Securly Services

SLZUSD’s access to the three other available services from Securly add an extra layer of online safety to our students.

  • Securly – 24 provides trained mental health specialists  that analyze flagged activity AI notifications—24/7. When an alert is determined to be urgent, the Securly Team follows an escalation process to notify  designated staff members or the police.

  • Securly – Auditor scans in Real-time student content (Email, Docs, Drive) with AI-based Securly software and provides notifications for such things as dark content, nudity, cyberbullying, suicide, and violence.
  • Securly – Tipline is an open line of anonymous communication to speak up when something feels wrong (via phone or web or email). A thorough risk assessment is performed for each report and when an alert is determined to be urgent, you get the alerts that need your attention.

The Student Services Department and the site admin determine how notifications from Securly are setup. Request any modifications via HelpSTAR.

Securly Training Resources

Explore a growing collection of self-guided training courses to help you master Securly's solutions at your pace, on your schedule. Below list just a few of the resources available in the Securly On-demand Learning Library. Click to view the training video for the below courses. Also click the Securly Classroom Certification icon to login to take the Certification Assessment.
Securly Classroom - Using Teacher Tools  Securly Classroom - How to Use Web Links  Securly Classroom - How to Share Screen  Seculy Classroom Certification
Need additional help? Visit the Securly support page.
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