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Pear Deck for Educators

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What is Pear Deck?

San Lorenzo USD is excited to announce our purchase of Pear Deck Premium accounts for you! Pear Deck is a student engagement and assessment platform that will allow you to turn your existing presentation materials into active learning tools that allow you to give meaningful feedback to students. It’s designed to work with tools you already know and use, so it’s easy to learn.

How Pear Deck Works?

Pear Deck allows teachers to: 

  • Build interactive lessons using tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • See student work and responses as they’re working, enabling teachers to adjust the lesson or answer questions 
  • Receive questions or feedback from students that they may have been too afraid to ask in front of the class 
  • Ask students about their thoughts and feelings in a safe, one-on-one channel
  • Share student contributions anonymously for group discussion

Training & Resources

Access training and resources to help you get started and at your own pace.

Pear Deck 101

For those getting started or wanting to brush up on their skills take the Pear Deck 101 training by clicking the below icon. 

Pear Deck 101

How to Use Pear Deck With Canvas

With Canvas, turn a Pear Deck Session into an Assignment and  your students instant access to the Session without needing a Join Code or Link. Watch the How to Use Pear Deck With Canvas for more information.