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What is Soundtrap for Education?

Soundtrap empowers San Lorenzo students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels, through music, podcasts, language, literacy training, and other sound recordings. It is very easy to use, enabling learners to embrace the technology because it mirrors the intuitive nature of the other social and educational platforms they use daily.


Starter Guide

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Pear deck & Soundtrap Lessons & Curriculum (New Partnership)

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Training and Resources

 Below list just a few of the resources available and more that can be found in the Soundtrap Support Center. Click to each to learn more.


Lesson Plans Soundtrap for Education - FAQs


Find more training on Soundtrap with the Technology Professional Development team. Click here to see recent and upcoming PD’s.

Setup Soundtrap with your Canvas Course

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You can add Soundtrap to your Canvas Course easily... Set it up on your own, find out 'how to' here
Need additional help? Visit the Soundtrap for Education Support page
Soundtrap for Education Support page
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