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Pear Deck for Families

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What is Pear Deck?

San Lorenzo Unified School District teachers incorporate online resources and tools such as Pear Deck to better teach their students. Your children may be using Pear Deck to complete their school work from home. Pear Deck makes the slides interactive so every student can respond to questions or prompts right on their own screens.

As a caregiver or parent, you may see your student working in Pear Deck, or need to assist with their assignment, so here’s what to know!

Pear Deck allows teachers to: 

  • Build interactive lessons using tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides 
  • See student work and responses as they’re working, enabling teachers to adjust the lesson or answer questions 
  • Receive questions or feedback from students that they may have been too afraid to ask in front of the class 
  • Ask students about their thoughts and feelings in a safe, one-on-one channel
  • Share student contributions anonymously for group discussion

Using Pear Deck at Home


Pear Deck - How it works #1
Students only need a web browser and WiFi to use Pear Deck. The teacher will create an interactive lesson, and students will log in by visiting and entering a 5-letter code, or by clicking a link.
Pear Deck - How it works #2
Teachers can see student work as it is happening, so they can monitor student progress and give feedback as needed. Teachers may use Pear Deck in conjunction with a video call to work on a lesson together.
Pear Deck - How it works #3
Teachers can also assign students to work in Pear Deck on their own time. Again, teachers can see student progress as they’re working, so teachers will know who is on track and who needs assistance.

Learn how Pear Deck works and access resources to help you understand how you can support your children as they use it from home.



Visit the Pear Deck has a Remote Learning Resource for families for additional information.

If your student experiences any technical issues while working remotely, please be sure to share with their teacher so that they can troubleshoot.