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Zoom for Families

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is used as SLZUSD’s official video conferencing and live streaming video.  Just like many tools that are new to us, learning to use Zoom requires some practice and access to training materials. This page is designed to provide the links to training and resources for your use.

How to Access Zoom

There is more than one way for a student to join a district Zoom meeting. Check the steps we have tried and found easiest for our elementary students and parents in the below resources.

Student Directions for Zoom - English

Student Directions for Zoom - Spanish

Student Directions for Zoom - Chinese 

Training and Resources

Below list just a few of the resources available and more that can be found in the Zoom. Click to each to learn more.

Zoom Guide for families   Zoom Guide for families

Video: Zoom training  for Students


Find available technology training for families in the Family Technology Training page for SLZUSD. Click here to learn more.

Need additional help? Visit Zoom Help Center page

Zoom Help Center

Privacy & Security

Zoom partners with schools to provide video communications to support traditional, virtual, and hybrid classrooms, distance learning, educational office hours, and more.  Zoom’s K-12 Schools & Districts Privacy Policy is designed to reflect their compliance with the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), and other applicable law.  SLZUSD is participating in Exhibit E as outlined by the CALIFORNIA DATA PRIVACY AGREEMENT WITH ZOOM.