Student Supports and Interventions

Student Support Services pledges to provide significant and appropriate attention to support the social, emotional, and academic development of students, assisting students and families in attaining equitable resources and a supportive community to ensure that every student has an opportunity to flourish.


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At the core, restorative practices are about building and restoring relationships. They involve the building of positive relationships and establishing a supportive environment that is fair, consistent, and democratic.


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Being trauma-informed in schools means being informed about and sensitive to trauma, and providing a safe, stable, and understanding environment for students and staff.


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Courageous Conversations & Equity
We, the educators of the San Lorenzo Unified School District, are committed to working daily to interrupt, disrupt, and dismantle systems that act to replicate historical inequalities and commit to examining systemic, institutional, and individual biases that make us complicit in that replication.
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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal civil rights/nondiscrimination statute that guarantees all students equal access to their education. Section 504 requires identification, evaluation, provision of appropriate services and procedural safeguards.


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REACHREACH Ashland Youth Center
REACH brings no-cost Recreation, Education, Arts, Career, and Health programs to empower youth ages 11 to 24 and no-cost child-care and food distribution services to support the Ashland community.
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COSTCoordination of Services Team (COST)


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DICEDistrict Individualized Contract Education (DICE)

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TUPETobacco Use and Prevention Education (TUPE)


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Mental HealthMental and Behavioral Health

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SELSocial and Emotional Learning (SEL)


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